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B2B copywriting requires a distinct set of skills and a tailored approach. B2B may only be a letter away from B2C, but there is a world of difference when it comes to their respective commercial concerns and requirements.

The B2B buying journey is longer, more complex and far more dependent on the clear and concise communication of detailed information. While B2B organisations cannot afford to ignore the emotional power of excellent copy, there is a greater focus on demonstrating expertise, pertinent facts and figures, and making an effective and rational appeal to buyers.

You need to provide compelling and informative copy at every step of the buying process.

You must communicate the information B2B decision-makers need precisely at the right moment.

You need a B2B copywriter that understands your products, customers and business. But, to take full advantage of the potential of your copy, you also need copywriters and SEO specialists who understand the unique nature of B2B commerce itself.

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Written by qualified, experienced writers

Our copywriters are B2B content writing experts with a wealth of experience across different sectors.

Dedicated account management

All clients benefit from a dedicated account manager. You have a single point of contact for all projects.

SEO-optimised as standard

Website content is optimised for your target keywords. Meta data and SEO consultation can also be provided.

A B2B copywriter that pays for itself

Content that talks the talk and walks the walk

At Big Star Copywriting, we recognise that every business has a unique look, character and attitude that’s designed to appeal to its clients. However, not every business can accurately communicate that certain something that sets it apart from the competition. That’s where we come in.

Our team of professional B2B writers and SEO experts are well versed in the art of creating high-quality content that cuts straight to the point. Though we’re able to offer lightning-quick turnaround on challenging projects, we always respect the unique message you want to convey. And we make sure that message is conveyed in your style.

No generic copy. No wasted sentences. Just carefully considered content that gets your business heard.

What our clients say

“Been impressed with BigStar both on the Copywriting front and the SEO services that they offer. We've improved how much content we can publish on our website, our blog and as guest posts. Our SEO trends are improving upwards. Hurray"
Su Kent
Content and Communications Director, Ibexa
“Big Star Copywriting have been helping us with our content strategy and online marketing since 2011. During that time our search results and traffic have improved significantly.”
Marc Loud
Director, Park Insurance

Let your content do the heavy lifting

Our large team of business to business copywriting specialists is agile enough to adapt to your schedule, so you don’t have to worry about long turnarounds or project delays. We focus on quality over quantity – preferring to get it right and build long-lasting business relationships.

As a Big Star Copywriting customer, you’ll be assigned a single account manager for seamless communication. You’ll also work with the same writer throughout your project, so you’re guaranteed consistency. All of our business-to-business copywriters are experienced, native English speakers who have an eye for detail and an ear for sweet-sounding content.

However, at the heart of our service is an understanding that standout content needs a purpose. Whether you’re trying to reach new customers, increase sales amongst existing clients or align your brand across all platforms, we’ll make sure we understand where you’re coming from and exactly where you’re headed. Then, we’ll produce the content that sets you on your way.

Big Star Copywriting - our content means business

To guarantee the quality of your content, our B2B content writing service includes the following features.

  • All content written by UK native speakers with SEO expertise
  • In-house, rigorous editorial team for an always-accurate, snag-free process
  • Fully formatted content that’s ready to upload to your site
  • Experts in consistent tone of voice across multiple channels
  • A single point of contact dedicated to your project
  • No-quibble amends
  • Optimised for search with metadata included
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B2B service key features

Native expertise

Our finance copywriters are native English speakers with experience writing for B2B brands.

Professional editors

We use an in-house editorial team to guarantee error-free copy

Ready to upload

Content is fully formatted, SEO-optimised and ready for upload

Brand friendly

We ensure a consistent tone across all content creation

Account management

You’ll be assigned a dedicated account manager for every project


We optimise content for your target keywords and can provide meta data

Frequently asked questions

At Big Star Copywriting, we adapt our approach to the client’s needs. But we also have a clear idea of what works best in the B2B sphere, based on nearly two decades of digital marketing experience working with B2B organisations of all kinds – from commercial insurance and business finance to marketing agencies and manufacturers.

We like to get close to our clients and build long-lasting relationships that enable us to understand what makes you tick and how we can best serve you. Most importantly, we want an insight into your customers’ buying journeys. It enables us to create compelling copy that meets specific business requirements.

Other B2B copywriting services often leave it up to the client to explain their business. But we prefer a two-way approach. We like to make it a discussion. Our B2B content writers need to understand your organisation in a way that makes sense to them. They benefit from connecting the intricacies of your commercial reality to the copy they produce.

And the best way to achieve that is by asking questions.

Because people work best when they are given the opportunity to identify their blind spots and fill in the gaps in their knowledge. And copywriters excel when they can join the dots and see the bigger picture.

Our writers are experienced B2B interrogators. Ok, maybe “interrogators” is a little strong! What we actually mean is that they are highly adept at asking the right questions to build a picture of your industry and your place within that. And that gives them the foundations they need to create world-class B2B copy that enables you to show your customers how you understand and meet their challenges.

Text is the primary way you communicate and engage with your customers. B2B buyers seek information from a wide range of sources. Nearly all of those sources will rely heavily on the written word.

Whether you are creating product or service descriptions, white papers, blog posts, instructional documents or entries in your knowledge base, copy plays a critical role in providing buyers with the information they need to justify and rationalise a purchase.

So it needs to be word-perfect.

Gartner research shows that B2B buyers only spend 17% of their time meeting directly with suppliers. In contrast, they spend 27% of their time conducting independent online research. That means they will dedicate a much more substantial amount of their time engaging with your digital resources than they will your sales reps.

As a result, sales are often won or lost on the quality of your content. And the quality of your content is dictated by your copy.


When customers feel they receive information that helps them advance through the buying process, they are “2.8 times more likely to experience a high degree of purchase ease, and three times more likely to buy a bigger deal with less regret.” (Gartner)

First-rate content makes the buying experience easier. That results in more sales and satisfied customers.

Working with Big Star could not be easier. While our process varies depending on the nature of the project, timeframe and customer needs, it tends to go something a little like this.

  1. Get in touch

It all starts when you reach out to us. We kick things off with an introductory chat to get a feel for your requirements and determine how we can help your business. We establish the scope of the project so we can better understand what resources we will need to contribute. But don’t stress about having the whole project mapped out. This is more of an informal introduction. One that allows us to begin preparing our team.

  1. Building a brief

After the introduction, we schedule a more in-depth call, where we settle on project specifics. At this stage, we assign a lead copywriter, who will also begin sitting in on calls and getting to know your business. As long as you are happy with their output, we aim to keep that copywriter attached to your business for the project’s duration. Consistency is key. From there, we build a brief and prepare to create the first piece of content.

  1. From first sample to sustained delivery

On completing the sample and having the editorial team work its magic, we send it to you for feedback. This is where we pick up on any significant changes that need to be made and reinforce that we are heading in the right direction. If we get the green light, we kick things up a gear and begin working on the remainder of the content. If it is a one-off project, we set a clear deadline for delivery. If it is an ongoing project, we deliver the first month’s content and start developing the professional rapport that makes us one of the most successful copywriting agencies in the business.

If we haven’t done enough to convince you yet, here are five quick and compelling reasons to choose our copywriting service.

  1. We combine unbeatable copywriting with serious SEO know-how. We don’t mix and match, and there is no moonlighting. Our writers are here to write, and our SEO specialists dedicate themselves to all things Search. That means you work with the best of the best.
  2. We understand B2B. We developed our own system because directly importing the B2C approach does not work. B2B deserves and demands its own methodology.
  3. We recognise that B2B is complex. So we commit the resources required to understand that complexity.
  4. We are responsive. Big Star was built on the understanding that communication is central to good copywriting. Everything is so much smoother when we discuss needs and expectations openly.
  5. We have a proven track record. We have worked with numerous B2B organisations and maintained long-running partnerships with most clients. Our work speaks for itself. Once the project hits its stride, the value of our content and expertise is evident.

If you want to learn more about Big Star’s professional copywriting service, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We would love to discuss how we can improve your B2B digital content.

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