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We’re the web copywriter of choice for international online brands, SMEs and many of the UK’s top search agencies. It’s our unique combination of tone of voice and SEO expertise that sets us apart – we understand the precise requirements for good SEO content and, in an omnichannel world, the importance of brand consistency across all your platforms.

To learn more about our website copywriting service and request a free sample, fill in our contact form or give us a call on 01803 865025.

Written by qualified, experienced writers

Each of our writers are website copywriting experts and have a plethora of experience across industries.

A talented editorial team

In-house, rigorous editorial team for a snag-free process. We amend the content until it’s perfectly tuned.

SEO-optimised as standard

All copy comes ready to upload. It’s optimised for specific search keywords, with meta data included.

Web copywriting for conversions and SEO

Big Star is not one of those pile-it-high, sell-it-cheap content agencies. When you choose us, you’re choosing quality web content written by experienced, native English-speaking writers. Your project will be managed by a single account manager, meaning lines of communication are kept clear and efficient. You’ll have a dedicated team of website copywriters working on your content, giving you a level of continuity that’s hard to achieve with less established agencies.

A full-service website copywriter

Whether you’re launching a brand new website or injecting life into an old one, we can support you with effective content for service pages, product descriptions and case studies. We even know how to turn your About Page into a lead generator.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Our monthly SEO support provides you with a steady stream of high quality blogs, optimised for search and uploaded to your site and social channels for you. We’ll carry out on and off-page optimisation to ensure your site – whether it’s new or old – climbs steadily in the search results for the keywords that matter to you. Because, when it comes to websites, the work is never really done.

Big Star Copywriting - our content means business

At Big Star, we provide affordable web copywriting services to those organisations that value high-quality, SEO optimised content that reflects your brand’s tone of voice. We’ve selected a roster of talented and experienced web content writers. All of them have been provided with SEO training and are chosen for their ability to deliver excellent copy consistently.

Our team also includes several SEO and marketing experts, as well as an in-house editorial team that works to eliminate any errors and refine and hone your content before it’s delivered for publication. This expertise ensures that your site is visible to search engines and is ready to climb the rankings, delivering you a stream of customers ready to buy your products or services.

All Big Star clients are assigned their own account manager, who will be responsible for managing your project and the writers associated with it. They’ll be your main point of contact and ensure our website content writers are fully briefed and aware of your requirements. As long as you’re happy with their output, we aim to keep the same writers attached to your project for its full duration, so you get consistency of tone of voice.

Website copywriting service features

Native expertise

Our web content writers are native English speakers and SEO-trained

Professional editors

We use an in-house editorial team to guarantee error-free copy

Ready to upload

Content is fully formatted, SEO-optimised and ready for upload

Brand friendly

We ensure a consistent tone across all website content

Account management

You’ll be assigned a dedicated account manager for every project


We optimise content for your chosen keywords. We also provide optional SEO support and insights.

What our clients say

“Managed to turn around a large amount of content in a very short time frame. Throughout the communication was great. Wouldn't hesitate to use Big Star again in the future.”
Rebecca Polding
Project Manager at Present Finder
“I have been personally working with Big Star for over 6 months now, and must say they have been fantastic! The content is excellent, with the tone of voice being on point every time - I couldn't be happier. Plus, they are good for getting content back to you on time - Bonus!”
Ryan Thaker
Marketing Executive, Mattress Next Day
“Used Big Star for new product descriptions. The quality of the writing was extremely high, sticking perfectly to our brief. Would highly recommend if requiring quality content to be produced.”
Michael Woodhall
Head Of Content, The Hut Group

Frequently asked questions

Your website is often the first port of call for potential customers checking out your services. So it has to make a mighty fine impression. The way it looks is very important. But what it says – well – that’s what really counts. People visit your website for information. Communicating that information effectively is an art, a science, a kind of indescribable magic that you only truly understand when you experience it first-hand. Communicating that information effectively is what online copywriters were born to do.

Website content writing requires a range of skills and can be defined in several different ways. At its most basic, it’s using the written word to sell more of your product. What business would say ‘no’ to that? It’s also a lot more complicated than that. Great copy achieves so much. It positions your company as the expert in your field, attracts new customers by generating an attachment to your brand, and builds trust with existing customers by demonstrating authority. 

As well as helping your overall marketing strategy, it performs plenty of less noticeable functions. It guides your customers through your website, pushing them in the direction you want them to go. It provides detailed product information and helps customers resolve problems. It helps you rank higher on Google search. Most importantly, it reads in a way that reflects your business’s brand. It’s the voice your company would have if it could speak aloud.

As we’ve tried to demonstrate above, one of the main reasons copywriting is essential is that it has the potential to benefit your business in so many different ways. Why is this the case? Well, a lot of it comes down to visibility. Your website is your public face. It’s your hub – the star at the centre of your digital solar system, around which all other channels orbit. Where do you go if you want to find something out about a business? Their website.

Back in the early days of the internet, users weren’t so picky about the websites they visited. Everyone was just pretty amazed by this whole world wide web thing. But now it’s 2022. Internet users are no longer so forgiving. In fact, they’re pretty discerning, and they definitely know what constitutes good and bad website design. That’s having a significant effect. 75% of consumers judge a business’s credibility based on its website (Graffiti9), and 88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience (Sweor). In other words, the impression you make matters.

So, we know that a poor website gets a resounding “no, thank you” from customers. But let’s look at the more positive side of things. What does excellent content writing do for you? The best web copywriting builds emotional bonds between brands and customers. When we talk about bonds, we mean those connections inspired by a wide array of complex emotions.

Brands can inspire trust, admiration and aspiration. They can be hilariously funny or authoritatively serious. They can be refreshingly honest or appealingly mysterious. And it’s content (amongst other things) that makes customers think of brands in these ways.

Getting customers to feel these emotions is vital. Why? 82% of consumers with high emotional engagement always buy the brand they are loyal to when confronted with a purchasing decision. Those with low emotional engagement only do so 32% of the time (Net Imperative). Customers with an emotional attachment also have a 306% higher lifetime value to a company when compared with customers who have no emotional attachment.

Working with Big Star on your web copywriting couldn’t be easier. We make sure of it. For most clients, the process looks something like this:

1. Reach out to us – The first thing to do is to get in touch. Whether by phone or our contact form doesn’t matter to us. What’s important is that we get the ball rolling and discuss what you need. We begin by looking at things more generally and talking about your brand, where your website’s at, and what you’re aiming for. To do our job, we need a basic understanding of how you do yours.

2. Sorting out the specifics – Next, we move on to the specifics. This is when we discuss details like how many pages you need, when they’re to be delivered, what tone of voice we’ll use and your SEO requirements. And our expert in-house SEO team is on hand to help if you need assistance with SEO.

3. Assigning and briefing writers – At this stage, we’ll assign one (or more, depending on the size of the project) of our talented website content writers to your project. Everyone has their own speciality, so we’ll team you up with the most appropriate writer – typically someone who has a good understanding of your industry or who’s a good fit with your brand’s voice. We then comprehensively brief the writer so they have all the information they need.

4. Time for the first draft – Your writer will go away and work their magic on the first draft. Every piece of work we produce is then put through our strict proofreading and editorial process, so you’re guaranteed high-quality, error-free copy every time.

5. Revisions and edits – We don’t want to blow our own trumpet too much, but we tend to get things right the first time. However, we recognise that improvements can always be made, and we love to get feedback from our clients, so we’re happy to make any revisions and edits you require.

We are lightning-fast. But we never compromise on quality. It helps that, over the years, we’ve built a really agile team that’s used to getting projects off the ground quickly and offering a super speedy turnaround. However, precise timelines do depend on the project specifics. For instance, the number of pages and their average length. If you would like a more accurate time frame estimate, drop us a line and tell us what you’re looking for.

If you aren’t yet persuaded of our website copywriting service, we’re not sure anything will convince you. But we’ll give it one last go…

● We have the experience you need. Our SEO content writers are practised pros, our technical SEO team has been doing this since the dawn of (internet) time, and our marketing specialists are amongst the best in the business.
● We’re flexible and versatile. We understand that the business world is fast-moving, and things change quickly. So we’re set up to be as agile as possible and to work to accommodate your needs. Working to a really, really short deadline? We’ll do our best. Want something entirely unique? We can do that.
● We tell compelling stories. At the heart of every business, there’s a story waiting to be told. We know how to dig it out, dust it off, polish it up and present it to the world in the way that best benefits your brand.

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