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We're the web copywriter of choice for international online brands, up-and-coming SMEs, leading charities and many of the UK’s top search agencies.

They use us because we get to the heart of their brands quickly with online copy that reaches both customers and search engines. We're quick, reliable and consistent, with expertise across a range of sectors.

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“For startups like us, it’s important to be able to rely on your copywriters to get it right the first time. The biggest benefit of working with Big Star was the flexibility that comes with being able to rely on their work, ensuring we were always able to stick to our planned timelines.”

George Rapley, minicabit.

A strong story across the web

When you need fast delivery, consistency and accuracy across large volumes of online copy, we’re your first choice.
But what really sets us apart from other website copywriters is our understanding of how your content can develop the story of your brand.

We can help craft your brand story, then build an effective strategy to tell it through all your online content: your website, your blog and your social media channels. This network of valuable, relevant and engaging content will build a strong online profile for your brand and keep customers coming back to your site.

High quality web content for SEO and your customers

As seasoned SEO and product description writers, we understand that every page needs to work hard for your brand. Any page can be a landing page, and every page is an opportunity to turn a visitor into a customer.

Our service can also support your site with off-page content such as guest blogs, infographics, ebooks, guides, articles and press releases. We can also help with paid search campaigns and Google Ads. You name it, our web copywriting service has it covered.

Results driven website copywriting: case study

A UK business approached us seeking an upgrade to the web content on three of their key product pages, selling high-spec Chatbots and IVR services. Their bounce rate was high and they were concerned that the pages were difficult to navigate and failed to showcase their products in the best light. They also needed a fresh take on their content - with the whole in-house team being 'too close' to the product to see it from a new customers' perspective.

We allocated one of our best tech writers to the project, who worked closely with the client to ensure a deep understanding of the products and USPs. The content was carefully structured to take users on a logical, step-by-step journey that aimed to increase engagement and fully explain complex products in lay-person terms. Our SEO experts optimised the page for search after carrying out extensive research to find keywords that carried the right intent. Here's what happened:

  • 15% drop in Bounce Rate
  • 23% increase in Pages per Session
  • 46% increase in Average Session Duration
  • 25% increase in Organic Traffic to the new pages

Some of our clients

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