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A trusted financial copywriter​

Our financial copywriters can help improve SEO, customer acquisition and conversion at every stage of the sales and marketing pipeline. You’ll be allocated a team of experienced, copywriters with the skills and industry knowledge to create unique and engaging marketing content, time after time, online or offline.

Every project is checked by our in-house editors to ensure it matches your brand tone of voice and the requirements of your brief. If anything needs changing, we’ll sort it out straight away, at no extra cost. To find out more about our finance content writing service, fill in our contact form or give us a call on 01803 865025.

Written by qualified, experienced writers​

Successful financial services copywriting depends on maintaining a delicate balance between simplicity and complexity. We deliver exactly that.

An understanding of the world of finance​

The financial services sector is more regulated than most. We know that extends to what we can and can’t say in our copy. So we’re always careful.

SEO-optimised as standard​

Shout about your product catalogue, create a brand story and build a loyal customer base for your E-commerce store.

Financial copywriting for SEO, conversions and authority

Financial content writing involves creating engaging content for companies in the financial services sector. Sounds simple? It’s far from it. As anyone who has worked in the financial services industry knows, things can get complicated pretty quickly. Whether you’re providing financial software solutions, offering expertise and guidance or selling an investment opportunity, you need a copywriter who has a firm grasp of the fundamentals that underpin your business.

Typically, this means employing the services of a financial copywriter – someone who knows how to talk about financial products and services and can clearly and succinctly explain their value to potential customers.

A results driven finance content writer - case study

Finance content writers are specialists. They have a good grounding in a wide variety of finance topics, enabling them to get to grips with new products and services quickly and efficiently. Most importantly, they understand how businesses in the financial services industry talk to customers about themselves and their products.

Of course, there’s enormous variety within the financial services industry. There are the global giants at the top of their game and the disruptive upstarts who are out to change the world. There are the locally-focused and the internationally-minded. There are the growth-hungry and the slow and steady. It is important to recognise that all businesses have their own purpose and fill their own niche in the market. Being able to express that purpose in hard-hitting, unforgettable copy, even more so.

A results driven financial services copywriter - case study

St Matthew Accountants used us as their financial copywriter through three iterations of their website, as well as regular articles and blogs on taxation and accountancy issues. We have also produced ‘fast fact’ guides on various areas of taxation and written enticing Google ads to drive traffic to their corporate website.

Here’s what Sebastian Sauerborn, Partner at St Matthew Accountants had to say about working with us:

“I first got in contact with Big Star in 2010 to create landing pages and Google Ads. The results speak for themselves – conversions are far higher than before. I’ve since worked with them on other major projects and have found their creative input and marketing insight to be invaluable.”

Copywriting service key features

Native expertise

Our copywriters are native English speakers with experience writing for the financial industry.

Professional editors

We use an in-house editorial team to guarantee error-free copy

Ready to upload

Content is fully formatted, SEO-optimised and ready for upload

Brand friendly

We ensure a consistent tone across all content creation

Account management

You’ll be assigned a dedicated account manager for every project


We optimise content for your target keywords and can provide meta data

What our clients say

“We tasked Bigstar with creating the copy for our new website. We needed the team to create content that would not only articulate our story, but also help us stand out from the crowd. The team nailed the brief and we were thrilled with their work. From start to finish, they were super easy to deal with - professional and responsive. The final product exceeded expectations.”
Constellation Research
“Derryck and team was great to partner with for a large scale SEO copywriting project. He was always responsive to feedback, met deadlines and produced high volumes of great content that met the requirements of my company's brand and tone.”
Tiffany Tsui

Frequently asked questions

At its most basic, it’s about selling your products and services. The simplest way of doing so is by building a relationship with customers and potential clients based on trust. They need to trust that you have the expertise and experience required to help them.

The vast majority of successful businesses in the financial services sector are experts in the field. But that doesn’t mean they sound like experts when they put pen to paper. Just as understanding the intricacies of complex financial instruments requires practice, patience and plenty of skill, so does writing excellent copy. A good content writer makes you sound like the experts you are – but without alienating potential clients who may be turned off by overly technical language or complexities they simply don’t need to know about. Your prospects want enough information to know what’s in it for them, but not so much that they become confused or bored.

And, of course, your copywriter also needs to understand that different types of prospects need content at varying levels of complexity and depth. To build your reputation as industry experts, copywriters use various formats, each of which is aimed at a different audience. White papers help you reach those already well-embedded in the finance landscape. How-to guides target those who don’t have that same level of financial knowledge. Blog posts ensure you build your brand with those who want to know more about your business, while email marketing copy gives you access to customers who may have never heard of you.

Maximising the value of each of these formats to your business while also retaining your company’s specific tone of voice and sense of personality is a challenge. But it’s what Big Star does successfully day-in, day-out.

Unlike the world of finance, working with Big Star and our superstar team of finance content writers is remarkably simple.

1. Drop us a line – Your first move is to get in touch and begin a discussion about what you’re looking for. You may not know exactly. Fortunately, we’ve got an excellent editorial and SEO team here at Big Star that can offer advice on what works and what doesn’t, as well as what type of copy best suits your business needs.

2. Let’s get specific – Once we’re all on the same page about what we’re aiming for, it’s time to lock down the details. That means working out timeframes and quantities, as well as preparing briefs for our writers.

3. Assigning writers – Depending on the size of your project, we’ll either assign one writer or multiple. We always match you with the writer who’s best suited to the project and able to represent your business accurately. We’ll try to keep that writer attached to any future projects we may work together on to ensure consistency and give them a chance to really get to know your company.

4. Those thrilling first drafts – Here’s the exciting part. Our writer will produce their first draft according to the specifics set out in the brief. After running it through our comprehensive proofreading and editing service, we’ll send it over to you to check out.

5. Revisions and edits – We usually get things pretty much perfect the first time around, but we are happy to revise and edit the copy based on your feedback. We’ll always let you know when we think something you’ve highlighted is worth keeping, and we’ll make sure all revisions are turned around as quickly as possible.

At Big Star, we pride ourselves on our ability to meet tight deadlines without ever compromising on quality. Turnaround times often depend on how quickly our writers can be briefed and whether all the information they require is ready to go, but we think you’ll be over the moon at how agile and speedy the Big Star team can be when we’ve got everything lined up and a deadline in sight.

You mean we haven’t convinced you already? If you still need a little persuasion as to why Big Star provides the best finance content writing service around, here are five quick reasons you’ll want to choose us.

● We know how to tell a story. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, good copy means telling compelling stories. Finance is no different. We’ll help your brand tell its story and build its relationship with new and existing customers.

● We’re experienced tightrope walkers. Successful financial services copywriting depends on maintaining a delicate balance between simplicity and complexity. We hit that perfect balancing point every time: less jargon, more impact.

● We understand the regulatory environment. The financial services sector is more regulated than most. We know that extends to what we can and can’t say in our copy. So we’re always careful.

● We boast a talented SEO team. Here at Big Star, we’re not all writers. We’ve got our fair share of SEO whizz kids and marketing heroes. That means we’re an all-round package that offers a fantastically integrated service.

● We are easy to work with. We keep in close contact. We hit deadlines. We’re flexible, helpful and always at the end of the phone or an email should you need us.

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