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SEO copywriting services​

We’re the SEO copywriters of choice for some of the world’s leading brands, as well as countless SMEs and startups. Over the last 10 years we’ve written millions of words of copy, helping brands achieve higher rankings on search engines. Our focus is on quality and authenticity, with a team of SEO content writers that produce credible, intelligent content quickly and affordably.

If you want your content to cut through the online noise, it shouldn’t just talk. It needs to sing. Consumers love vibrant brands, and so does Google. Our SEO copywriting services appeal to both, drawing visitors to your site and engaging them once they arrive. What makes our agency stand out from the crowd:

Fast and reliable content delivery​

Deadline? No problem. Our SEO content writing service is fast, efficient and has a thorough editing process.

Keyword optimisation experts​

All content is optimised for your target keywords, with meta data included. We can also help you with your SEO strategy.

Content support where you need it​

From blogs and guides, to product and category descriptions, we cover all aspects of SEO content writing.

An SEO copywriting agency that delivers

Our articles and blogs are the real deal: original, diligently researched, readable and ready to share.

Our work helps clients in sectors like fashion, travel, retail, consumer services and food and drink get found online and attract relevant, motivated visitors. Once visitors are at your site, our web copy and product description writing will turn readers into buyers.

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Big project? Tight deadline? No problem.

We regularly handle projects involving thousands of pages, or regular delivery of blogs and articles in high volumes. Our SEO copywriters are used to working with clients who require content delivered daily, with a 24-hour turnaround.

However, just because we work quickly doesn’t mean we compromise on quality or editorial standards. We’ll always write in line with your brand or tone guidelines, and are experienced in writing content that abides by formal regulations, such as FSA or EU selling rules.

Big Star Copywriting - our content means business

As an experienced SEO copywriting agency, we’re able to put talented SEO content writers at your disposal. We have a full-time search manager who advises our clients on keywords and blog topics and manages monthly SEO services for B2B and B2C clients. We have built a strong roster of SEO copywriters selected for their sector expertise and ability to meet the standards we expect and demand consistently.

All of our writers have been provided with SEO training and up to date best practices, so your copy is optimised for search engine rankings but still reads naturally. There’s no keyword stuffing and no awkward sentences – just excellent, optimised content that fits your brand’s tone of voice requirements.

As a Big Star customer, you’re assigned your own account manager. They’ll direct your project, liaise with all stakeholders and ensure our writers are accurately briefed and in a position to meet your needs. Depending on the size of the project, you’ll work with a single writer or a larger team of SEO content writers. Wherever possible, we aim to keep the same writer(s) attached to your project. This helps guarantee consistency and improves efficiency.

SEO copywriting service features

Native expertise

All of our writers are native English speakers and have SEO expertise

Professional editors

Our in-house editors are amongst the most rigorous in the business

Ready to upload

Content is delivered formatted and ready to go

Brand friendly

We guarantee a consistent tone of voice across all of your channels

Account management

A dedicated account manager for easy communication


Fully optimised content, including metadata

What our clients say

“Been impressed with BigStar both on the Copywriting front and the SEO services that they offer. We've improved how much content we can publish on our website, our blog and as guest posts. Our SEO trends are improving upwards. Hurray”
Su Kent
Content and Communications Director, Ibexa
“It was really important for us to establish a consistent tone of voice and totally rewrite the information on our old website so that it was both search engine friendly and useful to site readers. We couldn’t have done it without Big Star Copywriting.”
Carolyn Custerson
English Riviera Tourism Company
“Derryck and team was great to partner with for a large scale copywriting project. He was always responsive to feedback, met deadlines and produced high volumes of great content that met the requirements of my company's brand and tone.”
Tiffany Tsui

Frequently asked questions

The internet changed the world forever. It changed copywriting, too. With the advent of digital marketing and the growth of Google and the search giants, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) became one of the most powerful marketing tools available to businesses. Hit the top of the search rankings, and your brand benefits from a previously unimaginable reach. Excellent, SEO-enriched copy can get you more exposure than almost any other form of advertising. SEO can make or break a business.

As SEO became more important and influential, the demand for relevant expertise grew, too. Today, most people understand the importance of keywords. Fewer appreciate the power of meta tags and descriptions. Even less recognise that carefully-considered copy remains the single most influential factor in SEO.

Great SEO copywriters effortlessly incorporate the discipline’s key techniques into sweet-sounding, easy-reading copy. When done right, SEO is invisible. Keywords aren’t stuffed uncomfortably into sentences. There’s no fluff or padding. It does exactly what you want it to without ever betraying the hard work that’s gone into ensuring you climb the rankings.

To put it simply, SEO copywriting is vital because it matters where you rank on Google search. On average, the top-ranking site on Google receives 32.5% of all traffic. In contrast, the second website receives 17.6%, and the third receives 11.4% of all traffic (Mr SEO). That means your percentage share of traffic almost halves with every place you drop. Overall, the front page captures as much as 92% of all Google traffic (Forbes). So, if you’re not ranking on the first page, you’ll struggle to be seen.

A high ranking isn’t just about traffic, though. It also confers credibility. Businesses that rank well on Google are perceived to be higher quality and more trustworthy (Forbes). For companies that are trying to build their brands, this is invaluable. It demonstrates that you’re authoritative and will result in a higher conversion rate amongst visitors to your website.

When it comes to copywriting specifically, it’s essential to recognise that modern SEO is about so much more than keywords. Google algorithms are devilishly complex and now focus on a wide range of factors. They prioritise copy that demonstrates expertise, answers common questions and offers value to its readers. One of the ways it does so is by measuring how many times other trusted sites link to your copy. At Big Star, we understand what it takes to produce SEO content that ticks all the boxes and positions your business as experts in your field.

We pride ourselves on being extremely easy to work with. We’re flexible, versatile and never compromise on quality. Even when we’re staring down tight deadlines. Our process looks a little something like this:

1. Reach out to us – The first step is to get in touch. Whether that’s by phone or via our contact form doesn’t matter. Initially, we’ll begin by taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture. What does your business do? What do you want your SEO copy to achieve? Who are you competing against? This allows us to shape our general approach to the project.

2. Get stuck into the specifics – Next, we flesh out the plan with specifics. Our SEO team will look at the best ways to achieve your aims and report back on what they consider the best course of action. We’re one of the few copywriting agencies in the UK to have an in-house SEO team, so we cover everything from keyword research to a full-service monthly package that gives you everything you need to dominate your chosen search terms. And if your own SEO team has done the groundwork and you just need copywriters, we get straight to the critical details and work out deadlines, quantities and writer briefs.

3. Finding your writer – Once we’re almost ready to go, we’ll assign your project a writer. We’ve developed a large and talented stable of writers over the years, so we usually have someone we immediately know will work well. If the project turns into a longer-term working relationship, we’ll always try and keep that writer attached to your project. It guarantees consistency and ensures we’ve got someone who understands your business’ tone of voice and brand style.

4. Producing the first draft – With every project, our writers receive a comprehensive brief that helps them understand precisely what you’re looking for. This is particularly important for SEO, as there are a few more things to think about. Our writers will then produce a first draft, and it will be passed through our proofreading and editing teams before it’s sent over for your approval.

5. Revising and editing – Our clients tend to think our copy is pretty perfect the first time around. But we also understand that things regularly need tweaking and that the creative process is a two-way discussion. Your feedback can only improve the copy we create for you in the future. We’re happy to make edits and revisions, and we always turn those around as quickly as humanly possible.

We’re pretty quick. But we never compromise on quality. As everything we produce is run by our editorial team, we can guarantee that nothing gets sent out that we’re not 100% happy with. We’ve built a really agile and responsive team here at Big Star. That means we’re equipped to work to short deadlines and accustomed to doing things rapidly. Precise timeframes depend on factors like project size and complexity, but we’re pretty sure you won’t find many services that can balance speed and quality as we can.

There are so many reasons to choose the Big Star SEO copywriting service, we don’t know where to begin. If we had to narrow it down to five, we would say that:

● We recognise that SEO content and excellent writing are one and the same. You can’t have one without the other. There are no cheap tricks and no hidden shortcuts to the top of the rankings. It’s all about excellent copy.
● We have everything you need in-house. We’ve got world-class copywriters, SEO specialists and marketing geniuses all under one roof. Well, many of us work remotely, but you know what we mean…
● We help you sound like the subject authority you are. We know you’re experts in your field. We ensure your content communicates that expertise.
● We work to meet your needs. Nobody understands your business better than you. We’re here to offer help, advice and guidance in those areas where we excel, but we’re always focused on your company’s specific goals and objectives.
● We’ve been around the block. We’re an experienced SEO content agency and we’ve collaborated with some of the biggest names in travel, fashion, food and finance. We know what works, and we’re ready to prove it.

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