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We’ve been the travel copywriter of choice for some of the biggest names in hotel, tourism and leisure, including Hotels4U, Thomas Cook, and Hilton Hotels. Whatever your size or speciality, we’ll make sure your content is totally aligned with your business objectives, consistent with your tone of voice, optimised for search – and actually interesting to read.

We’re experts in handling large-scale travel projects such as destination pages, holiday descriptions, regionally targeted web pages, blogs, guides and articles. Our unique sector experience means we can deliver high quality and affordability across hundreds or even thousands of pages, with quick turnaround and exceptional standards of customer care. Here are three reasons to use our travel copywriting service.

Written by experienced writers

We’ve worked with big names in the travel industry, creating world-class content for a wide range of formats, including blogs, brochures and advertisements.

We're passionate about travel

Our travel copywriters live, breathe and dream travel. They get the appeal, know what inspires and excites, and speak the language of travel.

SEO-optimised as standard

We boast a talented SEO team. Here at Big Star, we’re not all writers. We’ve got our fair share of SEO whizz kids to inform our content creation ideas.

One Fine Stay logo

One Fine Stay: A travel copywriting case study

With increased time-intensive work and limited in-house resources to deliver larger volumes of on-brand copy, onefinestay approached Big Star Copywriting to find a more comprehensive solution to its website content creation. We spoke with onefinestay’s Content Manager, Liz Wootton and Big Star Copywriting CEO, Derryck Strachan, to learn more about how Big Star work with onefinestay to deliver high-quality, creative website content.

Specialist travel content for SEO, sales & engagement

Travel is aspirational and inspirational. It can be life-changing and eye-opening. Whether it’s a week away with the family on the Costa del Sol or a month exploring the temples of Tamil Nadu, it’s an escape from the everyday and an opportunity to experience something delightfully different. But if you’re a travel company, you already know that.

At Big Star, we believe the key to successful copy is understanding the brands you work with and the customers they attract. Great travel content writers speak with your business’s voice and hit all the right notes for your customers. They recognise that travel means a lot to those who enjoy it, and they invest that passion into every blog, guide and travel ad they produce.

Travel copywriter - Shows two children on a beach holiday

Copywriting that tells a story

Our specialist travel copywriters also understand that excellent copy is transportive. It can take you to places you’ve never been before and evoke sights, sounds, smells and tastes that you’re yet to experience. At Big Star, we believe it’s our job to ensure your customers can picture themselves on the beach, in the mountains or strolling through bustling city streets. If we can do that, they’re only a quick click away from letting their feet follow their mind’s fleet-footed adventures and booking with your business.

Case studies: Working as a writer for top travel businesses

Product pages for Hotels4U…

We’ve written nearly 2000 hotel description pages for this hotel booking company. Consistency, adherence to brand guidelines and rapid turnaround were essential.

Blog writing for Thomas Cook…
Working as a travel writer through Arena Media, we provided regular blog and guest blogs covering a variety of topics designed to increase user engagement and encourage social sharing.

In-house guest literature for Hilton Hotels…

Following a rebrand, Hilton Hotels changed all the printed materials in their hotels worldwide. Working as travel content writer through TAG London, we created new copy for hundreds of pages of guest literature, including hotel and destination guides, room guides and local area fact-sheets.
A consistent tone of voice was essential, and we also worked to extremely tight deadlines (two- to three-day turnaround) with amends carried out on the same day where required.

Product descriptions for Sykes Cottages…

Sykes Cottages is one of the largest cottage rental sites in the UK. The firm needed a travel copywriting agency to write several hundred informative and persuasive cottage descriptions, to increase search rankings and improve conversion. We ensured that all copy was written to brand guidelines and a consistent structure, while balancing quality with affordability.

Travel copywriting service key features

Native expertise

Our copywriters are native English speakers with a plethora of travel writing experience.

Professional editors

Our eagle-eye content editors guarantee error free copy

Ready to upload

Your travel content arrives fully formatted, ready to upload to your website or offline publication

Brand friendly

We take time to understand your brand, creating travel content that matches your tone of voice

Account management

You’ll be assigned a dedicated account manager for every project


As SEO copywriters, we'll optimise each piece of content for your target keywords

What our travel clients say

"I have worked with Big Star Copywriting for almost two years now and can’t recommend them highly enough. They have provided descriptive content for our websites, implemented different tones of voice for our brands and managed high volumes of work - always delivered to deadlines. The team are a pleasure to work with."
Thomas Lynch
Commercial Lead in Destination Management, Thomas Cook
"Over the past two years, Big Star have helped us deliver a large number of projects for the likes of Qatar Airways and Hertz. Based on the timely and professional manner Derryck and his team have operated in those past two years, I would gladly recommend them to any current or future client of ours."
Andrew Tonks
"It was really important for us to establish a consistent tone of voice and totally rewrite the information on our old website so that it was both search engine friendly and useful to site readers. We couldn’t have done it without Big Star Copywriting."
Carolyn Custerson
English Riviera Tourism Company

Frequently asked questions

Working with a talented travel writer matters for three key reasons:

● Increased sales – a good copywriter will supercharge your travel content, making it more powerful and more evocative. Ultimately, this leads to more sales.
● Brand-building – there are an endless number of travel companies out there. What makes yours unique? Perfect travel copy helps your products stand out and enables you to build a distinct, engaging brand that’s more likely to foster customer loyalty.
● SEO – well-written copy propels you up the Google search rankings and makes your brand more visible. Considering that 68% of all online experiences begin with a search engine (ahrefs), it’s vital that you get yourself as high up the rankings as possible.

A professional travel copywriter is essential if you want to bring your content to life. They’re the ones who can inject passion into your prose and who ensure all the necessary details are included in the text. They’re the ones who reel the reader in and plant the seed that sees your customers booking travel to one of your magical destinations. They’re the ones who ensure your copy reads perfectly and provide error-free content that cements your reputation as professional, industry-leading experts.

Our service is remarkably simple. It’s so straightforward that we can sum it up in five easy steps.

1. Get in touch – We can’t do anything until you pick up that phone or fill out our contact form. It doesn’t matter if you’re unsure what type of content will best suit your business, our fantastic SEO and marketing specialists can advise and guide you in that regard.

2. Getting to know your brand – To create world-class travel copy, we need to understand what makes your business tick. We need to understand why customers choose you and what makes your brand special. We want to be able to speak with your brand’s voice, so we’ll start the process by getting to know your company.

3. Setting up the project – Once we understand what makes you different, we’ll get stuck into the nitty-gritty. This means working out the project details. Which demographic is your content aimed at? What deadlines are we working to? How many pages do you require?

4. Formulating first drafts – Once we have the details we need to create a brief, we’ll assign a writer (or writers) to the project. We’ve worked with a lot of travel companies in the past, so we’re fortunate to have several specialist travel content writers on the team. They’ll go away and create the first draft. Then it’s proofed by our in-house editing team and sent back to you.

5. Editing and revisions – Generally, our first drafts don’t need much revision. But we’ll always listen to feedback and make any edits you think necessary as quickly as possible. As we work together in the future, we’ll try and keep the same writers attached to your projects. This allows them to develop a deeper understanding of the nuances of your brand’s tone of voice and guarantees consistency.

We’re set up to work to short deadlines without any drop in the quality of our output. That means we can turn around high-quality travel copy quicker than the vast majority of travel copywriting agencies. In part, this is due to our talented team of writers, all of whom have considerable experience working under pressure. However, it’s also a part of our wider business philosophy.

We’re a streamlined organisation which understands that the modern business landscape moves quickly. Consequently, we’ve designed our internal processes to ensure we can be as agile as possible when we’re responding to content requests, briefing our writers and proofing, editing and revising work. Though precise deadlines will always vary depending on the project specifics, we’re sure that you’ll be more than happy with the speed at which we can provide outstanding travel content.

If we had to narrow it down to just three key reasons why you should choose Big Star, they would be:

● We’re experienced. We’ve worked with some big names in the travel industry, and we’ve created world-class content for a wide range of formats, including blogs, brochures and advertisements.
● We’re quality-oriented. We understand that long-term partnerships offer the biggest rewards, and we recognise that those partnerships are built on trust and quality. We don’t ever let you down.
● We’re passionate about travel, too. Our travel content writers live, breathe and dream travel. They get the appeal, know what inspires and excites, and speak the language of travel. In other words, they’re a perfect fit for your business.

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