Social engagement should be at the forefront of any business’ online content strategy  and Twitter can be a powerful tool in increasing visibility. A simple 140 character tweet can inform, intrigue and ensnare users, drawing them closer to your brand. The best tweets though are those which deliver Retweets, those which spread themselves with little effort and promote your content.

Getting Retweets may seem like a hit and miss affair, but a new infographic by QuickSprout (featured here on Econsultancy) reveals that there are ways of increasing your Retweet rates, and all you have to do is pay attention to the way you’re talking in the Twitosphere.

The art of the Retweet

The Infographic reveals the top 20 most Retweetable phrases and words, which include ‘Please Retweet’, ‘You’, ‘Follow’ and ‘Free’. Most significantly ‘Please Retweet’ is revealed to have a 51% Retweet rate, while its abbreviated version has a 39% Retweet Rate. This indicates that people are receptive to being directly asked to Retweet content, while Tweets which contained neither phrase only had a 12% Retweet rate.  The best thing you can do for your content strategy is to work phrases like this into your regular tweets, and boost your Retweet rate.

Time of day was also deemed to be important in maximising Retweets, with between 12PM and 2PM judged to be the optimal time, and Friday the optimal day.

Work Retweets into your content strategy

Retweets were found to contain more links, which is particularly good news if you’re trying to promote your content on Twitter. This is perhaps because links offer something of value to share, particularly if they’re to high quality relevant content.

Interestingly, only 1.5% of Retweets contained self references, making it clear that people don’t want to share blatant self-promotion, they want to share things which are useful or entertaining. For your content strategy this indicates that you should be creating informative articles and other pieces of copywriting which you can then share on Twitter, and reap the rewards of Retweets.

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