How to use online press releases to your advantage

4th February 2014Press Release Copywriting

Today’s online world is a constantly moving environment, and to get ahead in it you need to leverage this fact to your advantage. While having a good solid bank of ‘evergreen’ content on your website is important, so too is having the ability to create timely content that will intrigue web users and journalists alike. … Read More

How to Write a Press Release – Top Tips From a Journalist

18th April 2013Press Release Copywriting

Press releases may not be as fashionable as guest blogging these days, but they are still the most effective way in generating brand awareness. Once you get the newspapers on your side, they’ll want follow-up stories and expect you to keep them informed. So how do you write your first press release? Here’s advice from someone who deals with … Read More

6 Top Tips for your Press Release Copywriting

15th July 2009Press Release Copywriting

Ok stop yawning at the back. Pay attention. Press release copywriting could win you a heap of traffic. Much maligned and abused over recent years you’d be forgiven for thinking that, these days, press releases and the art of press release copywriting have been relegated to a virtual irrelevance. Information subsuming information through free to … Read More