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  • Why your competitors are outranking you in the SERPs (and what
    you need to do to catch them up)
  • Crucial SEO factors that are holding you back, including site
    speed, internal linking and backlinks
  • The steps you NEED to take for real impact on your SEO, based on
    informed and expert recommendations

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*This report is custom-made for you – our tools take a little while to collect the data we need to get you highly relevant insight, so your report may take up to five working days to get to you.

This free report offer is only available to potential new clients at our discretion. This offer is not available to competing businesses including copywriters, content creators and other digital marketing services where there may be a conflict of interest. Don’t despair – if you’re a fellow writer in need of SEO help, we offer a paid for service for a more in-depth look at your search marketing.

What's included in the report?

SEO benchmarking vs competitors

We’ll benchmark your website against competitors for four key SEO metrics – domain authority, referring domains/backlinks, internal links and website spam score. Each of these metrics are important SEO rankings factors.

Page load time analysis

Page speed was introduced by Google as a ranking factor in 2010 and is now one of the key elements to consider when running a business website – SEO aside, a slow loading site will frustrate your visitors and have them clicking the ‘back’ button before they’ve even seen what you offer.

Meta data overview

Meta data is the browser page information that a search engine and a user can read. It’s also the information that a user sees on Google when they decide what search result they want to click on. In our audit, we’ll review meta data across a number of your pages and will identify areas of improvement.

Technical SEO analysis

When improving SEO on your website, it’s not just the content and links that are important. If you have a site that’s poorly made, with broken links and redirects that direct the user to nothing and duplicate pages, Google will penalise your site and limit ranking potential. Our audit searches your site for key technical SEO errors that may be harming SEO.

Keyword performance vs competitors

As well as optimising your website for specific keywords that you perceive to be relevant, it’s also worth investigating what your competitors rank well for. We’ll benchmark your keyword ranking performance against competitors for key industry terms.

On-page optimisation opportunities

One of the most important aspects of SEO is optimising pages for specific, relevant keywords. Even if you have an amazing piece of content, users won’t be able to find it if it doesn’t include key search terms. Therefore, every important page on your site should be optimised for a particular keyword. Our audit will give you plenty of actionable insights and ideas for improving your website content, rankings and traffic.

Frequently asked questions

Once we’ve received your order, it takes our SEO and content experts up to 5 working days to review your website. You’ll receive your custom-built report approximately one week after submitting your details.

All we need from you is your website URL (that you’d like us to review) and a list of three competitor websites. We’ll use this information to benchmark performance against competitors and uncover content opportunities.

The SEO Baseline Report is a multi-slide presentation with charts, tables,
insights and actions for you to take away. Find out more information of what’s
included above.

The audit is full of insights and actionable tips to implement. You can use the information provided to help you and your marketing team form a content and SEO strategy. You can also use it as the foundation for a wider SEO and content campaign.

Once you’ve received your report, we can discuss ongoing SEO and content projects with you. We offer a 3-month content and SEO package, ad-hoc content creation and personalised support packages.

To put it plainly, we’re SEO and copywriting experts. We have years of experience working with big-name clients like New Era, One Fine Stay, Avansas, Thomas Cook and more. We have the expertise required to inform your content strategy, drive traffic and deliver conversions. We could go on, but we’ll finish up by saying that, as a business, we’re interested in forming long-term professional partnerships with companies that understand the value of great content and smart SEO. We’ll never offer you anything less than our Big Star best.

How it works

1. Provide your email address and the URL of the website you’d like to analyse, along with three of your closest competitors. You can enter this information here.

2. Our SEO experts will analyse your website using a collection of professional SEO tools and practices.

3. Within 5 working days, we’ll send you your custom-built SEO and Content Audit.

4. It’s question time! Do you have any questions about the information provided? We’ll happily help you on your road to SEO success.

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