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Expanding its office supplies and stationery business to the UK market, Avansas approached Big Star Copywriting seeking professional content producers who could deliver both first-class content and a sound SEO strategy. We spoke to Avansas’ Head of Sales & Marketing, Bina Naik to learn more about how Big Star worked with the Turkish stationery giants to establish itself as a major competitor in the UK.

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30,000 words of monthly content over an 18-month project

More than 90 2,000-word blogs

Approximately 200 category descriptions

Over 1,200 product descriptions.

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Who is Avansas?

Avansas is one of the largest office suppliers in Europe. Headquartered in Türkiye, it has a strong presence on the continent and expanded operations to the UK in 2021. Renowned for providing customers with excellent value, it acts as a retail space for established stationery and office supply brands and manufactures Avansas own-brand products. A successful market disruptor, Avansas was positioned to compete with established UK suppliers and quickly develop a large and enthusiastic customer base and wanted to increase its organic participation.


The challenges facing Avansas

For new businesses in the UK market, competing with established supermarket and stationery brands is a challenge. While competitors benefit from strong brand awareness and years of SEO, Avansas was starting from scratch. It needed an effective SEO strategy to drive rapid improvement and deliver results quickly.


Why Big Star?

Avansas approached Big Star seeking a content agency that could back high-quality copy with a coherent, data-based SEO strategy. “Whereas many agencies generate content with little thought for the wider strategic context, Big Star marries the two superbly, providing justifications and explanations for its decisions and the copy it creates”, says Bina.

Big Star’s ability to deliver a strategic framework that informs all content creation ensured it was Avansas’ first choice. Our holistic approach encompasses traditional concerns, such as keyword research, but also includes competitor reports and technical assessments. Working with the Avansas Marketing team, this process identified several issues with slow page loading speeds and poorly structured code, which hindered SEO performance and were targeted for improvement during the project.

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“Whereas many agencies generate content with little thought for the wider strategic context, Big Star marries the two superbly, providing justifications and explanations for its decisions and the copy it creates”.

Bina Naik

Head of Sales & Marketing

Working with Big Star

Big Star’s SEO and content writing work for Avansas began at the start of 2022 and initially centred on completing samples and performing ad-hoc content work for the brand. More than pleased with the results, Avansas agreed to launch a full content and SEO campaign in May of the same year. It would see Big Star rewriting and optimising all product and category descriptions, as well as producing blogs for the Avansas site. To achieve this, Big Star would produce 30,000 words of content every month.

Starting slightly before its copywriters, Big Star’s SEO specialists spent considerable time researching the most effective keywords to target in category and product descriptions. They then prioritised these keywords, facilitating the creation of a structured, long-term content production workflow that promised quick results.

Big Star’s SEO expertise was invaluable in this respect, as it allowed us to identify long-tail keywords as critical to the content’s success. General keywords, particularly those relevant to more general categories, such as Cleaning Products, are highly competitive and targeted by well-resourced, multinational organisations, such as supermarkets and Amazon. Long-tail keywords enabled a degree of specificity that increased traffic, avoided expensive competition with these larger businesses, and guaranteed an excellent return on investment for Avansas.


Providing a comprehensive and holistic service

“Throughout the project, Big Star provided a holistic content service”, noted Bina. “It conducted extensive SEO research to create a comprehensive strategy, wrote and optimised copy, advised on meta titles and descriptions and even assisted with content upload and publishing”.

We complemented this work with regular contact with the Avansas team. As well as regular project and status calls, Big Star was available to answer questions about SEO and content at any time, enabling Avansas to leverage our knowledge and expertise. We also had direct contact with the IT team in Türkiye, helping with web development when necessary. As a result, Big Star worked across the entire international organisation and became an intrinsic part of the company’s UK expansion.

Content falling flat? We’ll give it a new lease of life

How did working with Big Star benefit Avansas?

“The clearest and most immediate benefit to Avansas was the production and publication of high-quality, relevant and appropriate content that enhanced on-site conversion”, said Bina.

Big Star achieved this for large volumes of product and category descriptions within the agreed timeframe. Our blog posts also helped Avansas build its authority in the UK and began to drive exponential growth in traffic.

In terms of SEO, the statistics speak for themselves. Big Star content and SEO work achieved a:

  • 50% increase in organic traffic YoY (2023 vs 2022)
  • 54% increase in organic orders YoY (2023 vs 2022)
  • 84% increase in organic revenue YoY (2023 vs 2022)
  • 1469% increase in blog traffic YoY (Q4 23/24 vs Q4 22/23)
  • 175% increase in website search engine impressions YoY (Q4 23/24 vs Q4 22/23)

These figures demonstrate phenomenal growth in all areas. The fact that there was a substantial increase in organic traffic, orders and revenue is also crucial, as the content driving this growth requires little to no maintenance and is low-cost. Essentially, it provides Avansas with a free channel that ensures it is not reliant on expensive Google Search promotion.


Avansas – an undeniably successful project

With the project ending in early 2024, Avansas was left with a high-quality UK website featuring compelling product and category descriptions, engaging blogs that drive organic traffic and sales, and optimised content and site pages. Now able to compete with UK competitors on a more equal footing, the digital retailer could better leverage its position as value-oriented supplies and stationery store.

“Big Star Copywriting excelled in every respect and was a pleasure to work alongside”, concludes Bina. “They deliver creative, targeted and professional content supported by detailed and thorough work by their SEO experts. I would recommend them to any and all companies looking for content services”.

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