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The Complete On-Page SEO Checklist

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Do you want to master the art of writing for SEO? Use this free SEO checklist as a guide for any piece of content you write. The steps included cover every aspect of SEO writing and optimisation. It’s great for beginners; and even seasoned copywriters and SEO professionals might learn a thing or two.

SEO checklist

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Why use a checklist for SEO content writing?

Google is constantly changing their search algorithm and is demanding more from website content. Writing for SEO and content optimisation has changed a lot in the past few years and what was once best practice may soon be out-of-date. Ticking all the SEO boxes will maximise your chance of ranking for a particular set of keywords, and this writing for SEO checklist will help you do exactly that.

Our SEO checklist covers every aspect of both writing and optimisation of a webpage, from keywords research to final tweaks before publication. Follow every step on our SEO checklist and there’s a very good chance your content will perform better than expected. A checklist is always handy, no matter your level of SEO writing experience. Our SEO checklist is completely free, too!

What's included in our SEO content writing checklist?​

Search engine optimisation is about making small modifications to your website
content to improve user experience and performance in organic search results. But how do you do it? This 10 step checklist will take your content from zero to SEO hero.

The 10 steps of the checklist cover each of the core aspects of writing for SEO and on-page optimisation. Download the SEO checklist for free to see the full list of recommendations, plus some helpful SEO writing tips.

Step one: Crack the Keyword Code

Step two: Win the Keyword Placement Puzzle

Step three: Craft a Title That Makes SERPs Swoon

Step four: Tactical Copywriting Tips for SEO

Step five: Images are Vital

Step six: Don’t Forget Your Meta Data

Step seven: The Importance of Links

Step eight: The Ultimate URL Formula

Step nine: The UX Factor

Step ten: Rinse & Repeat

How to get the most out of our SEO content writing checklist

To maximise your chance of ranking for target keywords and increasing website traffic, we recommend using our writing for SEO checklist in step-by-step order.

  • Download the free SEO checklist using the form above
  • Apply the checklist to every piece of content you write. Each page on your website should target a specific set of keywords.
  • Don’t skip any stages. Research is just as important as the final optimisation tweaks.
  • Ask questions. Don’t understand a step on our list? Feel free to ask us and we’ll help you out.
  • Use SEO tools and plugins to assist you. The free WordPress Yoast plugin is excellent. As is the SEMRush ‘On-page SEO’ checker.