Web copywriting

Website copy that gets to the heart of your business and tells your brand story more effectively. We help you find new opportunities to improve your SEO and PPC results through content.

Blog writing

Expert blog content written for engagement and social sharing. We use research tools, creative strategies and years of experience to write content to build your traffic and increase your conversions.

Product descriptions

Unique, optimised product descriptions with persuasive copy that taps in to what your customers want. Rapid delivery in any volume and totally in line with your brand values.

The heart of online marketing: Know yourself, know your audience

Online marketing is an interaction between you and your prospective customer. If you were feeling poetic you might call it a dance, but it’s really more like a conversation between a tradesman and a homeowner.

At the start you’re just getting to know each other: the customer is telling you what they want, while you’re explaining what you can do for them. Read more...
Derryck Strachan - Big Star Copywriting, MD

How a copywriter can give your brand a voice

As a person, people recognise you not just by the way you look and dress, but by the way you speak. For a company, it’s no different. If you want to maximise your success online you need to adopt a suitable tone of voice and use it consistently in all of your marketing communications. That's where a brand copywriter can help.
Can your web copywriter help you find your USP

What the right web copywriter can reveal to you about your USP

If you’ve been in business for a while, it can be hard to make an accurate and honest assessment of your company and what makes it tick. Sometimes an outside perspective is needed to help you reconnect with your company as it is today, and to help crystallise that into a coherent marketing strategy. The right web copywriter can do this for you.
Derryck Strachan - Big Star Copywriting, MD

10 awesome things Google Analytics can tell you about your content

Successful content marketing relies on constant monitoring and adjustment. Here are 10 useful things that Google Analytics can tell you about your content.

Nine copywriting fundamentals for blogging excellence

If you’re not writing blog content that your readers love then you’re wasting your time. Use these copywriting tips to write exceptional content.

10 Must Read Copywriting and Content Creation Books

Big Star Copywriting pick our 10 favourite copywriting books – the perfect starting point for content creators and marketeers everywhere.

Convert your website traffic into paying customers with these two “secret” copywriter tools

You create website content for two reasons. To increase your visibility in search. To capture the attention of your human audience and persuade them of the value of your products or services. Readability comes into play when considering both factors and can make a huge difference if you want to convert your website traffic into […]

If you think you can’t write, you’re probably right (with apologies to Barry Feldman)

Why it pays to use a professional web copywriter if you want to communicate effectively online.

How To Write An About Us Page: 4 Killer Tips

Telling your story is difficult – here are some tips on how to write an about us page that really gets your audience to listen to you.

Long copy and web copywriting

Is long copy dead? One school of thought says “keep it short” but is there still a place for long copy in your web copywriting?