Web copywriting

Website copy that gets to the heart of your business and tells your brand story more effectively. We help you find new opportunities to improve your SEO and PPC results through content.

Product descriptions

Unique, optimised product descriptions with persuasive copy that taps in to what your customers want. Rapid delivery in any volume and totally in line with your brand values.

Blog writing

Expert blog content written for engagement and social sharing. We use research tools, creative strategies and years of experience to write content to build your traffic and increase your conversions.
Plumbing Copywriting

Why a copywriter is just like a plumber (sort of)

You wouldn't try and do your own plumbing unless you had the expertise, so what makes you think you can be your own copywriter?

7 Steps To Success In Travel Content Marketing

According to figures released by StatisticBrain in 2015, a little over 148million travel bookings are made online every year, or 57% of all travel bookings. How many potential customers are you missing out on by having a mediocre travel content marketing strategy?
How to write the perfect travel blog post

Copywriting tips: How to write the perfect travel blog post

According to HubSpot, companies that blog get 55% more website visitors… 57% of all business have acquired a new customer through their company blog. So how can travel companies maximise the impact of their blog posts to get more business?

5 ways to INSTANTLY improve any written business communication

Are your written communication skills good enough? You could enrol in a course or employ a copywriting agency. However, all it takes to dramatically improve your written business communications instantly is a little knowledge and effort. And some tools.

How to create irresistible fashion copywriting that sells

In a world where consumers have virtually unlimited choice regarding what clothes they buy and where they get them from, to have a successful online fashion retail business you need to ensure that everything you do is exceptional. Your clothes, exceptional. Your deals, exceptional. But you also need people to know how exceptional your offering […]

How to make your products look highly desirable – secrets of top online fashion retailers

If you’re selling clothes and other fashion items online, then having highly stylish products that people actually want to buy should obviously be high on your list of priorities. But to stand out from the rest you also need to do everything you can to make those products appear as desirable as possible in your […]

How to leverage brand voice in short-form fashion content

A common pitfall for fashion brands online is that they fail to capitalise on this brand voice sufficiently in all online areas. They put all the hard work into creating and honing their brand voice on their actual website, but then they pull back and miss the opportunity to further cement their brand image through […]

How to make your food product descriptions tastier

As an online food retail business, you probably spend a long time either creating your own products to make them as mouth-wateringly delicious as they can be, or assembling the kind of product ranges that culinary dreams are made of. And that’s great, but people can’t taste your products through the screen, and unless they’ve […]

Five steps towards building a compelling brand story

Whatever sector you’re part of, if you want to be a recognisable and respected part of it, you need to build a solid brand story. If you want a place at the top of your particular food chain and you want conversions by the virtual bucket-load though, you need to make your brand story irresistibly […]

In-house copywriter or copywriting agency?

If you’re considering taking on a copywriting agency or copywriter, you need to read this first.