Does an online brand story really need a good enemy?

Enemy’s and villains make stories more interesting, and interesting stories are stories that sell. So find your enemy and set about defeating it in your online marketing.
Brand story

How do two of today’s biggest digital travel booking firms tell their brand story?

Who are the giants of the digital travel world, and what can you do to compete? Here we look at two of the biggest, and the brand stories behind them.

Beyond product descriptions: How Yoox communicates its brand story online

Product descriptions demand care and attention, and should be an extension of your brand. But they're not the only important area to leverage your brand.

Sealing the deal: E-commerce copywriting and the perfect checkout page

Once your customers have found your page, browsed through your products, decided that you can be trusted and actually chosen something that they want to buy, all that stands between you and a sale is your checkout page. Follow these tips to make sure that your checkout page is effective…

Will Google’s latest update affect the ranking of your product pages?

This month online marketers and SEO experts have been falling over themselves in anticipation of Google’s latest update to its algorithm. Now the day is finally upon us. Launching today (April 21st), the update is, it seems, specifically aimed at improving the mobile-friendliness of websites appearing at the top of the search results.

Product pages – How important are they for e-commerce in 2015?

Product pages have long been considered an essential element of any successful e-commerce strategy. But as with any sector that constantly develops and changes, there are bound to be some dissenters to challenge the rule. Some of these were present in a recent round of #EcomChat, a weekly Twitter-based chat centring around all things e-commerce.

4 ways travel businesses can boost their online content marketing

We live in an age in which there are thousands upon thousands of destinations for people to visit and almost as many companies who will take them there, accommodate them or handle all bookings on their behalf. With this much competition, if you’re part of the travel industry you need to do something extra special […]

How to use eBooks to promote your online business

In our last blog post we looked at how you can use infographics as a potent tool in your content marketing strategy. This week we’re going to explore the potential of eBooks for online marketing, and discuss how to use them to effectively promote your business and increase your brand exposure.

Infographics: How to use them in your content marketing

Infographics are a powerful way to quickly engage with your target audience. Here we take a look at why they should be a part of your content marketing.

SEO copywriting VS customer engagement – How to achieve the perfect balance?

There may once have been a distinction between ‘SEO copywriting’ and other types of copywriting for the web, but in 2015, all online content should be SEO optimised. Conversely, content that is created for SEO purposes should not merely exist for the purposes of wooing the search engines – that simply won’t work.