A lot of businesses may not feel they have any use for a blog copywriter – surely writing posts about your own business should be easy?  However, one of the biggest challenges for any online business is crafting a website user experience for their customers which increases both the likelihood of conversion and of repeat visits. The key to unlocking this challenge is to observe customer behaviour, and to listen to what they actually want.

A recent insightful survey by Econsultancy/IBM Tealeaf shed light on what businesses are doing to better understand and improve their online customer experiences. Top amongst those methods employed by respondents were digital analytics (75%), online surveys (63%), online feedback forms and tools (53%) and A/B and/or multivariate testing (51%).

These methods can however be costly and time consuming, while far fewer businesses rated them as ‘very effective’. In the case of online surveys for example, only 25% of respondents considered them very effective, and as Econsultancy point out, “they are often an interruption to the customer experience”.

What a blog copywriter can do for you

However there is a simple tool which you can use to engage with your customers and learn from them which is relatively inexpensive and can give you a direct link to what they think about your site – your blog.

Your blog is a place where you can communicate with customers in an informal and honest way, and engage in a two-way conversation. A talented blog copywriter can create content which will get your customers talking, as well as drawing additional traffic to your site.

If, for example, you’ve recently made changes to your site, you can discuss these in your blog and solicit opinions about them from the very people who use the site. If you’re feeling especially democratic you could even run potential future changes past your users first via your blog to see what they think of them.

Most importantly, your blog copywriter can encourage users to share their views and opinions openly, so you can learn more about what your customers want, and what they don’t want.

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