How to write effective eCommerce newsletters

27th October 2020Content Marketing, Ecommerce, Email Copywriting

You’ve worked hard to build your email subscriber list. You’ve probably invested in marketing automation software. But are you worried that you’re wasting time sending newsletters because you’re not seeing the results you hoped you would? Does that sound like you? You and your team are busy running your online shop, fulfilling orders and supporting … Read More

Power up your email marketing

22nd February 2016Content Marketing, Content Strategy, Email Copywriting

Email marketing can be an incredibly powerful tool in your business’ communications arsenal. But there’s that word – ‘can’. If you just set up an email marketing campaign, tick it off your never-ending to do list and forget about it, it’s unlikely you’ll ever get anywhere close to fulfilling its potential. As the months go by and you see little in the way of results, it may be easy to say, “oh well, email marketing wasn’t for us,” and leave it there.

Yet again, research shows customers prefer email

21st May 2014Email Copywriting

It seems like every other month, we’re told that The Next Big Thing is the next big thing. This is especially true of the online / content marketing / social media world of today. But what is really working for brands and what do customers really prefer? Well, I’m here to say (yet again) it’s … Read More

What can you do to keep your email subscribers hooked?

22nd April 2014Email Copywriting

Getting hold of people’s email addresses and getting their permission to become email subscribers is just the first step of email marketing. Getting them to actually read them is the next. Once you’ve got them reading your marketing emails, the trick is to keep them interested, and deter them from clicking on that pesky ‘unsubscribe’ … Read More

Email copywriting 101: Building a list

26th September 2011Email Copywriting

It’s the first step in email copywriting, getting that valuable email address. Find out how we pull apart the steps in email marketing to give customers (and your business) the best we can offer.