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Corporate copywriting is synonymous with dry, heavy writing that’s free from any personality or brand flair. In fact, corporate copywriting often face ridicule in the face of conversational copy that engages the reader and tells a compelling story.

Yet, when it’s done well, corporate copywriting can establish your authority and brand position to attract the right customers. In this blog, we’re sharing five creative prompts to help you write compelling corporate copy.

Why is creative copywriting important for corporate companies?

Your customers need a good reason to invest their time and money in your business. You achieve this through effective copywriting. At the centre of corporate copywriting is good storytelling. A strong brand story will thread through all content marketing. If you’re new to brand storytelling, read our blog on why brand storytelling is important.

The use of narrative and storytelling has been proven to help consumers make emotional and personal connections with brands, says Chief Marketer. People who resonate with a brand story are more willing to make a purchase. Therefore, a memorable mission and set of values will ensure your brand stands out. When the marketplace is crowded, a strong brand is crucial to a content marketing plan.

How to tell a good story

By nature, humans are gifted storytellers – not only novelists, journalists and copywriters who write for a living, but everyone. Our ancestors would gather around the fire to regale each other with tales of battles, drama and tragedy.

Even if you think you’re rubbish at storytelling, you tell a story every time you meet someone new. It goes like this:

“Hi Steve. Sarah tells me you are also a copywriter.”

“Yes, that’s right. I’ve been doing it now for over twelve years. What about you?”

And it goes on. We reveal a little about our story as we talk to people. These stories give our lives meaning and help us connect with other people.  If you’re at a party and meet someone from your home town, or industry, or who likes the same music as you, you’ll feel a connection.

Get creative with your corporate copywriting

Often all you need to get the storytelling juices flowing is a little push. Here are a few little creative starters to get you on your way. If you get really inspired here and want to use them on your site, just give us the credit back okay?

Pretend your business, product or service is writing about themselves in the first person – what would they say about their life?

  1. Assign a gender to your business and take it to a party as a date, how do you introduce him or her?
  2. Who is your product’s or service’s archenemy? This could be real or imagined. Give it a really good nemesis name like ‘The Dreaded Power Surge’ or ‘Input Here the Auto-Copy-Generator Robot’.
  3. Spend 10 minutes writing a short story about your business’ first date.
  4. Your company/product is hugely successful, and bigger than Apple. You are being interviewed for a piece in a magazine. The reporter asks you how it was developed, what do you say in response?
  5. Your business is suddenly a person looking for a job. Create a CV for it, list its strengths, its history and show why it should be a successful candidate.

These techniques can actively encourage you to see things from a different perspective.  This kind of imaginative gymnastics also makes you more creatively agile, which as writers we need to develop and maintain.

Corporate copywriting - Shows a group of businessmen in an office building

Thinking in a less linear way

Of course, it’s not likely that you’ll ever publish this kind of content – it’s an exercise to help you think in a less linear way about your corporate copywriting. The exercises will also help you develop a tone of voice, and bring more personality to your brand.

Once you’re finished, think about how the writing can help your brand or product.  For example, what aspects and qualities would you want to convey to customers?  Is there anything in what you have written that looks like a benefit to your customers?

Getting creative like this is always going to bring up some resistance, but once you get moving you’ll find yourself being more creative and engaging with your content.

3 Good corporate copywriting examples

We have three examples of corporate copywriting ro help you see how you can get creative with your corporate copywriting while still conveying brand story, tone of voice and messaging.

First Round Capital

First Round Capital know how to empathise with their readers; they find their customer’s pain points and offer their help as a sustainable solution and path to success. With this technique, their readers feel understood. First Round Capital bring attention to the value pf their services. They humanise the brand and offer the help that their potential customers need – even if they don’t realise.

Paragraphs of text from a business website



Admiral makes it clear that they stand for more than insurance. Their business values are as important as the products they sell. By buying into Admiral, consumers are also learning about the difference they are making with their purchases – and the community support and good causes they are contributing towards.

Corporate copywriting examples - Shows a screenshot from an insurance company website


If you think of Santander you may also think of Ant and Dec, the comedy duo who have appeared in recent adverts for the bank. Santander uses comedy to build rapport with their consumers; they humanise the brand and give it personality, making the business and its products a lot more accessible. Santander combines this with the promotion of their values – they’re bringing financial education to school and homes whilst also being teacher’s pets.

Corporate copywriting examples - Shows a screenshot from a bank website


Creating good corporate copy

If you are now asking yourself: do I need to hire a corporate copywriter? You can choose to hire an in-house role or a freelancer, but most importantly you should choose someone with skill and focus. It takes experience to understand detailed branding guidelines. And in a lot of corporate companies, sticking to these rules is essential. A good corporate copywriter will get creative whilst staying inside of the box.

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