As the most cost-effective resource at your disposal for breathing new life into your brand and marketing strategy, a copywriter (whether a freelance copywriter, copywriting agency or advertising copywriter) is your best bet.

At up to a tenth of the cost of design and development, copywriting is an easy way to get more out of your marketing spend and to connect with customers. No fiddling with colours or other ‘design elements.’ No development costs and database issues.

Here are 4 easy ways using a copywriter can tune-up your brand.

1. Find a more unique voice for your brand

Struggling with differentiating your brand in a competitive marketplace?

Do customers routinely ask what your sales materials mean?

Most people don’t like being sold, so why is your marketing leaning so hard on selling?

A copywriter can provide a fix for your brand by creating a unique and customer-centric voice. We take a flat sounding ‘advertising’ voice and create words and phrases that spend less time listing and more time helping your prospects, customers and employees.

2. Turn flat email into sales

You don’t need to redesign the look of the email again. Emails are a written medium, so take a closer look at what you’re saying to your prospects and customers. Are you even giving them a reason to read beyond the salutation?

Email marketing is one of the first lines of communication that a brand has with its customers on a personal level. Yet, so many emails fail to get opened or to make any impact on the customer apart from pressing the ‘delete’ button.

A copywriter can create emails that not only get opened, but also emails that get read – every time.


See point number one – by writing in a way that engages with your prospect and customer lists in an authentic way and convinces them to take a closer look at your offer.

3. Tweak a landing page

Seth Godin told us forever ago that every page is a landing page. Yet there are some key pages on your website that you need a very specific outcome from. Whether that’s getting customers to go for paperless billing or for prospects to sign up to receive your refreshing and well-written emails, that landing page is standing between you and them.

Using a copywriter can help lower that barrier and help those prospects to complete the form or take the action. And more importantly, that copywriter can help them feel good about doing so.

There you have it! Three of many easy ways a copywriter can help tune-up your marketing.

Is there another easy way a copywriter can help your marketing that we missed? Comment below.

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  • Me again! I think that using a copywriter who is new to your brand / company / industry is an excellent way to make sure you’re emphasising your best bits! Being too close to a company, service, product is the easiest way to overlook obvious and very important benefits and selling points. While checking your target audience and learning about your product or service, a copywriter can bring a fresh pair of eyes to the way in which you ‘sell’ or write about your company (or your product or service), thereby highlighting things that you might have missed or overlooked. It’s easier for an outside copywriter to stand back and see things from a new perspective than for someone who is immersed in it all day, every day.

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