Web copywriters can be part of a wider creative or digital team, or they could be a lone freelance copywriter working for a client at a time.

Either way, if you want to be a better writer you need to do some self-editing.

Here are 2 quick techniques you can use right away to improve your writing and editing.

1. Sleep on it

A little perspective goes a long way to improving the tone and quality of your copywriting. It’s why publishers use editors; writers have too much emotion invested in their writing to make a clear call on what is actually ‘good’ and what isn’t (and needs to be cut).

One of the ways you can get this much-needed perspective as a copywriter is to simply write the piece and leave it for a day or more.

This will give your mind a chance to keep working on the piece in the background, and it will give your emotions a chance to calm down a little.

When you come back, you’ll probably want to rewrite it – that’s natural and good. What comes out of that process will be much improved and the thinking will be clearer.

If you don’t have the luxury of ‘sleeping on it’, then walk away from the project for at least a few hours and work on something else in the meantime.

This, too, will help clear your head, even if you can’t give it the perspective of more time.

2. Read it out loud

Your ears are the best editor you have.

I can’t tell you how many times I have given this advice to students and heard a quiet snicker. They think they’re better readers than that.

That is until they try the technique themselves.

Reading your work out loud forces you to slow down and see each word. This helps you edit out the little errors that creep into text.

It also forces you to hear what your reader will ‘hear’ when he or she reads the text.

When you read your words back to yourself out loud (not in your head but actually speaking the words), you’ll hear the problems in grammar, tone and flow; you’ll even hear the gaps in logic and the weak passages that need tightening or cutting.

Spell check is not your friend. Don’t rely on it.

Use the writing gifts you already have by sleeping on your copywriting work and then reading it out loud. Your writing will be infinitely better for it.

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