In our last post, we talked about copywriting and content marketing, and why every business is a publisher in today’s online marketing world.

In that short post, we pretty glossed over the topic – there is so much more to say about it!

Today, let’s talk about how you come up with topics that your prospects/customers will really value; and value enough that they’ll sign up for your email newsletter, or exchange more valuable sales information (name, address, phone number).

There are two important questions to answer to help you figure out what kind of content you need to create and how much copywriting you’ll need to do.

  1. What do you know about?
  2. What can you ‘give away’ for free?

What is your speciality?

That first question – what do you know about – really focusses on getting to the heart of what you can share with your prospects.

If you sell windows and doors, you might know a lot about draft-proofing. You might also know a lot about how people can save energy at home (or at work) beyond new doors and windows.

This makes for great copywriting ‘food’ and provides your prospects with a chance to get to know you – to sample your business – and to move themselves further down the sales funnel.

What can you ‘give away’?

You don’t have to give away your trade secrets! As an expert (and a business person) you have every right to keep some cards close to your chest, but there are some things you can offer your prospects that would be extremely useful to them and have little impact on your own work.

Think of things you often tell your prospects or customers in the course of business – the little things that you do or say that they really value, but that don’t cost them a thing.

Using our example window business, you could use your specialist knowledge to write:

  • an e-book on saving energy at home
  • a downloadable top 10 list of easy ways to stop drafts (focus on low-cost or ‘free’ ways, not simply what you sell)
  • a weekly email with tips on keeping your windows and doors in tip-top condition

And that’s just the beginning!

Start making a list of ideas right now. Save it in a document, note, or draft email. Add to your list as more ideas come to you.

Now get the copywriting done and offer your new value-added content to your prospects and customers, and you’re on your way to content marketing.

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