Getting your website ranked highly on Google and the other major search engines isn’t something that should be left up to chance, and search engine optimisation provides the means for creating your own online success. But within the ever-changing world of SEO there are a great many factors to consider, both on-page and off-page, so many in fact that figuring out your online marketing strategy can be a bewildering task. Fortunately though, someone’s taken the initiative to break the field down into its key components and present it in a compelling and easy to understand form and SEO copywriting is unsurprisingly an extremely important factor.

Following on from their oft-shared ‘Periodic Table of SEO Ranking Factors’, the good folks at Search Engine Land have created a new updated version, re-titled as the ‘Periodic Table of SEO Success’. The table is a visual representation of all the things that affect website rankings, both positively and negatively, and presents a handy overview for the uninitiated and oldheads alike.

Content matters

You can view the table in all its illuminating glory here. But right here we thought we’d take a quick look at just a few of the key content elements mentioned and how businesses can capitalise on these in their SEO copywriting to determine their own online success.

Quality – In 2013, the quality of your on-site content is paramount. Google’s algorithms are getting better and better at spotting quality content, and it is this that the search engine tracks down with almost terminator-like tenacity. Create high quality content and you’re off to a great start.

Words – Keywords remain at the forefront of SEO copywriting and are how you demonstrate relevancy to the search engines. A winning keyword strategy is one which is well researched and informs all content creation, while at the same time never compromising quality.

Engage – If visitors arrive at your site but then quickly click away just a few moments later, that looks bad to search engines. Use SEO copywriting to create engaging content which keeps people on your site longer, and you’ll reap the SEO benefits.

Fresh – Search engines are always on the look-out for sites with fresh content, so don’t let yours go stale.

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