In the last post, I wrote about using incentives to convert your readers to loyal customers through content marketing – specifically getting them to sign up to your email newsletter.

Today, I’m going to write about one type of copywriting content that absolutely crushes all others – the fabulously overlooked white paper.

White papers are highly valued by customers

Our clients who use our white papers services do so because they know that deep down we all crave knowledge. By creating expert content they are able to attract new business, and convert their prospects at key points in the buying lifecycle.

In fact, a study by KnowledgeStorm and MarketingSherpa revealed that white papers were the most consumed type of marketing material. More than websites, blogs, case studies, product leaflets, reports – even articles by industry journalists. Over 70% of respondents in the survey said they read white papers. (It’s a copywriter’s dream!)

The opportunities for business white papers

What I think is even more interesting is the viral opportunity white papers present. Those same respondents also reported that they often shared white papers (57%) and of the marketers surveyed, only 35% use white papers in their marketing mix. That means there’s huge opportunity here for savvy marketers to use great content to gain market share without much ‘knowledge’ competition.

It’s like I said in the last post: desirable information sells. And it turns out that white papers are the most desirable.

Why are white papers so popular?

A white paper services that area between a summary and a study or report (or webpage and e-book for today’s terms). By their very nature white papers are in-depth enough to satisfy knowledge-hungry readers, but not so lengthy as to make them a burden.

Business white papers, when written objectively, are believed to be more trustworthy than other forms of marketing content. And this is where our white papers copywriting services come in – crafting a solid white paper isn’t something your intern can just bash out in an afternoon. It’s a valuable piece of collateral that can be used to win new customers, or revitalise relationships with current customers.

You need a white paper copywriter that provides a high level of care and attention to detail, because that is what your customers expect from you. Isn’t it?

A few ideas

We put our heads together and came up with a list of starting points for your next white paper. While this is quite broad, we can always chat with you about what specific pain point your target audience has, and how a white paper can help solve that (in exchange for a little email address possibly?).

  • Services white papers
  • Customer use example white papers
  • White paper guides to the sector
  • Product range reviews
  • Analytical coverage of an industry, or sector

Coming next in the series: Copywriting About Us pages Part 1

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