In case you missed it, go read Chris Fielden’s results in his Evergreen Content Case Study on the SEOmoz blog. The article tells us many things, but one thing it says in volume is the importance of evergreen content for SEO copywriting.

You see, evergreen content generates leads, gets linked to, and generally helps draw in an audience to a site they might otherwise not know about.

His results are interesting because they show just how powerful evergreen content can be at growing traffic to an otherwise unknown website.

Grow traffic over time

You’ve created a great piece of content and you send it out to your network, only to see a short spike in traffic and then back to more of the same.

Evergreen content gets over those spikes in traffic because it should address a constant need in your target. These are the kinds of topics that always get search traffic because someone, somewhere needs to know about what you have on offer.

Create leads

When your audience searches for and finds your evergreen content, they will come and have a look. Because you’ve created your content to be helpful, they will naturally look around at your other pages. (Are these helpful too?)

Your evergreen content is a lead generator and conversion point. Do right by your audience the first time and they’ll come back and seek out more help from you.

Get linked

Chris’ experiment shows that just by creating a piece of really useful content and investing time in properly maintaining it, links come naturally from people sharing your page with their networks.

How to choose evergreen content

Chris shows you how he did it, and there’s really no secret sauce.

  • Choose a topic that will be immensely helpful to your target audience – Chris found an opportunity in hosting a list of short story competitions. Is there something missing from your niche that would really help? Create and curate that content.
  • Do your traffic research – Chris found that there was a large audience out there already searching for his evergreen content. Check for search volumes on your idea to vet whether it’s worth investing the time in creating and maintaining your content.
  • Interact with your audience – You’ll notice that Chris didn’t just stick the list up there and forget about it; he actively responded to comments and queries. You’ll need to do the same. Be helpful and responsive and listen to their suggestions. Do this and your readers will recommend/link to you.
  • Make it easy to use and link to – Putting outbound links on his list made Chris’ page easy to use for his audience (and immensely helpful as he’d already done all the research).
  • Keep it up to date – He put a date on his page; this is an excellent mark of validity to the searcher as it tells him or her immediately that the page is being maintained and hasn’t gone stagnant. Fail to keep yours up to date and you’ll look like you are no longer investing in the page (its credibility and usefulness disappears).

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