This week I came across three pieces of information that made it crystal clear why the skills of a good UK copywriter who knows social media is of increasing vital importance to a business that wants to succeed.

1. English is the world’s primary language

Stephen Fry, a British national treasure, uncovered for me yet another fascinating fact to join the numerous ones he has already infused into my brain. Out of an estimated 6.5 billion people in the world, 4 billion speak English. That’s more than two thirds! This is particularly important online, as that’s where the world’s “prime language” really manifests itself.

What this means for you: No matter where you are in the world, if you want an effective online presence then your best investment is to utilise the skills of a talented UK copywriter for optimal exposure. A web copywriter who really knows the English language with all its twists and meanings so well that they can understand which idioms, sentence formation and choice of words apply to a certain audience and most importantly, represent your company best.

2. The World Wide Web is dead, long live the Internet

In a highly controversial and discussed graph, Wired Magazine proclaimed the above sentence. They pointed out a classic stream of use throughout the day which makes one realize that, yes, we do use applications more than their actual websites. For instance, I read Google reader instead of going on the respective blogs. I communicate through Facebook, Twitter and Skype and read the news on Twitter or the iPhone application of the respective news ‘papers’. If not shopping in person and often WHILST doing so, I browse on eBay, net-a-porter or Amazon applications. Even email seems to be slowly dying in my personal habit as I only employ it for work, as my little helper or to communicate with my (relatively) tech-savvy grandmother. However, even then I am usually accessing it via the iPhone application. I could go on but you get the picture.

This fact was disputed (read the article on Boing Boing outlining which numbers were accounted for and make sure to read the comments as well!). However, for a great majority of busy businessmen and businesswomen this argument is applicable.

What this means for you: The SEO copywriter in charge of your company’s online presence needs to understand how your target audience accesses the content you put out there. They also need to be able to incorporate this in the choice of platforms and their respective rules of conduct and content output when writing content for you. You should therefore choose a UK copywriter who brings with them the knowledge of not only the audience they write for, but also the platforms these audiences use the most.

3. The rise of social media

Working frequently with social media, I have to fight the urge to say “Doesn’t that speak for itself?” but instead I would like you to watch this short yet mind blowing clip that we have discussed on this blog before.

What this means for you: By hiring a UK copywriter who understands not just the English language but also your audience, the way they use content AND social media, you will get a far better ROI and a greater conversion of clicks into cash.

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