It’s nearly Christmas and everyone is practically on holiday already. But you Mr/Mrs/Ms./Miss Copywriter, you have to write two weeks’ worth of content before you can crack open the bubbles to celebrate the end of the week.

This pressure is bad enough any time of the year, but right now it’s enough to drive most writers into the Cave Of Sorrowful Lack Of Ideas.

In this hideous place of darkness, a copywriter can easily wallow without hope of an idea.

But fear not, we have some sources of inspiration to help you through these last few days of content creation.

1) Use the season

You might be thinking ‘oh duh!’ right now, but these annual events, holidays, national celebrations, etc. are a rich source of material.

Not only do they tap into the Zeitgeist, they also help ground your writing in the inevitable ebb and flow of the year. (That is content gold!)

2) Revisit previous posts

Take a look back over the year. Is there anything you haven’t looked at in a while? You could see if there are any new reports or studies that relate to the content and write a new post about the updated insights and information.

Bloggers do this all the time.

Just don’t go re-writing the old post. Make it something new and informative.

3) Pick up what others are talking about

What are you reading from others in your industry? What is popular? Think about which topics might interest your audience and write some appropriate content.

Check your own keywords and see if you can tap into these trends to see if there are any keyword opportunities you might be missing out on.

4) Compile a list

At the risk of revealing all my secrets, creating a list of resources or ideas in a single post is a great way to generate content that will be of interest (and use) to your audience. Pick a topic and get started compiling your list.

If you do this throughout the week, it makes writing a snap and you can easily make this into a regular piece of content that you publish weekly/monthly.

5) Write about what your business has done recently, case study style

This is a good approach to take with content marketing anyway, but it can be a really inspiring topic to cover (as a writer) because there is so much you could tackle.

Using your business as a case study does two things that benefit your marketing:

  • It’s transparent, helping customers and prospects to connect with your brand and business in an open way.
  • You will find that this reflective process of summarising an initiative or discovery will actually lead to further content marketing ideas.

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in or where you sit in the content marketing life-cycle, this is a difficult time of the year. Hopefully, you are planning your calendar for the first quarter of next year and a few of these ideas help spur you on to further content greatness.


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