We are emotional beings. (I mean people, not just copywriters.)

As such, we tend to worry about things. Sometimes little things keep us awake at night, and sometimes the big things keep us up.

If we are making a major purchase such as a house, a business or even a new car, then we may really experience sleep-loss.

But, even though most products and services aren’t imbued with such emotional decision-making, that doesn’t mean we aren’t feeling something about making our purchases.

Most people in the buying cycle of everyday products and services will metaphorically ‘lose sleep’ over the smallest purchase decisions and what ‘keeps them awake’ will tend to be emotions about the purchase itself:

  • Am I making the right choice?
  • Is there something cheaper?
  • Will look foolish if I don’t like it?
  • How do I know this company I found through Google is trustworthy?
  • What will my spouse say if I screw this up?

These questions are a virtual goldmine of genuine emotional needs to the copywriter. Answering these inner worries help give the writing that elusive emotional quality that drives sales and creates loyal customers.

Most copywriting avoids emotion

Most websites and brochures talk about the company or product in a way that completely ignores the customer and his or her emotional needs.

You don’t need to be a copywriter to know the copy I’m talking about, because it’s everywhere:

– We make best-in-class products for clients around the country and the globe.
– If you need XYZ, we have them / it / one to suit your needs.

You see? No recognition of the emotional needs of the reader (customer) – just self-referencing writing that is hollow and holds no emotion whatsoever.

If you make decking screws and you want to sell them on your website, ask yourself this:

What is the number one worry on your customer’s mind when it comes to decking?

When you know ‘what keeps them awake at night,’ then you can answer this: how do your decking screws help your customers sleep soundly?

Mind games

Let’s take our example a little further.

Most DIY people making a deck for the first (or second?) time are faced with a problem of time.

They want the deck built this weekend because that is all the time they have and forecast for Sunday afternoon doesn’t look good. Their spouses want the deck built this weekend because they are planning a family BBQ the following weekend and want the thing finished and safe. The neighbour wants the deck finished this weekend because he’s tired of looking at a pile of lumber across the road.

Time is what keeps our DIY decking screw customer awake at night.

Here is how your copywriter could use this insight:

Make your decking go faster by using TRADEMARK Self-Tapping Decking Screws. No pre-drilling. Just measure and sink.

The benefit of the product helps the customer sleep at night and every line of copy we write about decking screws should be speaking in some way to this problem of Time.

Do you ship overnight from your warehouse? Great! Tell them that they’ll save even more time with your shipping option.

Are the screws galvanized? Great! Explain that this means the screws will last longer and won’t need replacing in the future.

Get your copywriter into bed and into the mind of your customers by figuring out how your product or service will help them sleep at night. Oh, and make sure you tell your copywriter.

by Steve Kellas

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