I’ve been watching Wimbledon this past week, and I have noticed something about the top players of the game of tennis that is strikingly similar to the qualities that professional copywriters need to have.

When they are up against it, the real champions find a way to win.

Winning with copywriting

Everyone can write to some degree.

Most people would say their writing is passable. Some might even get moments of utter writing brilliance and knock out a few wonderfully written pages of copy for their website or brochure.

But like the proverbial decorating job that takes months to finish, the fact that one can write doesn’t mean one can sustain the effort it takes to complete the job.

This is where website content begins to fall apart for most businesses. Hastily hashed out pages, copied from an out-of-date brochure is rampant around the web. The pages often lack polish, and in many cases websites will sit with empty ‘coming soon’ pages for months or even years.

And like decorating, bringing in a professional can make a world of difference with costs that are a lot less than most think (especially when you consider the cost of lost sales due to incomplete or inaccurate copy).

The professional copywriter finds a way to get the writing done – and done well – day after day, until completing the job on time. Every time.

Inspiration and dedication

I get to work with some really inspiring people – clients, designers and other copywriters. They are often fun people to be around and to work with.

Like all professionals, copywriters are dedicated to their craft – to writing lines and passages of text that are more than ‘well written,’ but that also inspire others to act and to take up the offer presented to them.

This ability to translate the inspiration of a business-owner into text that actually connects with and inspires a reader into action is a talent and a gift that all professional copywriters share and delight in.


The real champions at Wimbledon seem to be the ones who can sustain their level of focus through all the distractions.

Copywriters are no different. In fact, what many clients tell me they appreciate more than the writing ability of copywriters is our ability to focus on the words through all the distractions and deadlines. Focussed copywriting brings results far beyond ‘passable.’

Copywriters close the deal when the time is right. They get the prospect to turn the page when they reach the end of the paper.

While your average copywriter might not be able to play a 3-hour game of tennis, we’re professionals all the same. And we’re ready to serve.

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