Here’s an interesting post I saw today: Auto-Posting to Facebook Decreases Likes and Comments by 70%. As a web copywriter, this just serves as further proof that the authentic, human communication is what web users want.

This isn’t all that new, though. Let’s rewind a little.

Back in 1997, Jakob Nielsen showed us conclusively that computer users prefer copy that is human – specifically that which is ‘conversational’ in tone.

We prefer to read things online that sound like it comes from a person, rather than a faceless ‘entity.’ This makes perfect sense, of course, and its why blog copywriting has been so successful.

In a faceless medium, we like to hear from real people.

What does this new study mean?

What it really means is that people preferred the updates that came from a real person – that were updated by a human being on Facebook, instead of through a program.

There are some technical reasons for this, including how Facebook itself highlights posts from APIs. But, it seems that people have their preference too.

Authentic communication

But this is what we’ve always maintained here; your customers, clients and fans want authentic, real human content on your website, and they want it on social networks too.

What does real human content sound like?

It sounds like you when you speak to someone at a back-garden BBQ. It sounds like you in the kitchen on a Friday talking about what you do.

It’s Mr T versus corporate double-speak.

Human copywriting comes from the heart, and it uses the language that the recipient uses.

But auto-updating saves me time!

Yes, it does. We’re guilty of it too.

But, if we truly want our audiences to engage and help promote our message for us, we need to take the few extra seconds and post a live message on our networks.

I’m ready to bet that these same results would be found across all other social networks too. The more authentic, and ‘real’ you are with your audience, the better they will respond.

It’s just good sense really.

So what does this mean for us web copywriters and content people?

It means we need to take responsibility for our time and our craft and to make sure we can be authentic in our writing.

It means stand up for better copywriting and content, because its authentic communication that wins this game, not buzz words.

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