The other day I was asked by a friend to explain in simple terms what a UK copywriter does. What follows is a summary of our conversation organised into the top 3 things that a UK copywriter can do for your business, regardless of size, industry, or style.

#1 – Clarity

This is the most important reason to use a professional UK copywriter.

Clarity means “clearness or lucidity as to perception or understanding; freedom from indistinctness or ambiguity.” (from Unabridged. Random House, Inc., accessed: June 22, 2011.)

You know more about your business than anyone else in the world, which is proper. But that is a dangerous thing for communication, because your understanding and perception are full of the details. When you know a lot about something, it’s very difficult to explain it clearly (understanding), and to do so without using the lingo (ambiguity).

Professional UK copywriters, like the ones here at Big Star Copywriting, take what you know and write it in a way that allows your customers to understand what you offer, how they benefit, and what it costs. And we do it in a way stands out from your competitors.

We give clarity and distinctness to your business communications.

#2 – Time

Good writing takes planning, revising, editing, and reviewing. Good writing takes time.

If writing ‘isn’t your thing,’ it probably takes you a lot more time than you’d like it to.

Professionally trained UK copywriters can give you back your time in 2 ways:

I. We are able to write quickly because it’s our profession.
II. While we are doing the writing, you can get on with doing business.

This is incredibly cost-effective. In a typical website project of designing and developing a website from scratch, the cost of copywriting will be around 10%-15% of the budget – that’s not much considering that the words are what motivates your reader to buy from you!

We have the skills and confidence to quickly give clarity and distinctness to your business communications, saving you time.

#3 – Results

Have you ever thought about how a title gets results, or how your closing sentence gets results?

Because that’s what UK copywriters think about – results.

We are obsessed with getting your business the results it needs to succeed. We are constantly reviewing our writing to make it more successful. If it’s not performing, we rewrite it. If your offer isn’t converting, we ask questions about the words like “What if we tried using ‘no cost’ instead of ‘free’?”

We provide clear and distinct marketing and communications writing that gets results for business.

If you really want to know what a UK copywriter can do for your business, here is a quote from one of our clients who have used us for a further 5 websites:

“We are really pleased with the outcome of our first two projects with Big Star Copywriting, the Europlas site is ranking exceptionally well with organic SEO and they have already made a profit against the site development costs which is amazing considering it has only been live for a month!” Epwin Group

If you would like to talk to a UK copywriter about what we can do for your business, call us on 01803 865 025 or contact us.

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