A good web copywriter can be a rare and elusive beast, scurrying furtively through the darkened corridors of the Internet, pausing only to tweak a piece of web copy here or tighten up a phrase or two there.

Like any rare creature, often the only evidence of their existence are the footprints they leave behind – a killer article on a website, a thought-provoking blog post or some irresistible web content that draws in readers like iron filings to a magnet. (On occasion you might be able to track a copywriter by following a trail of Doritos crumbs or discovering a coffee stained mug and a pad with keywords and search terms scrawled across it like mystical www hieroglyphs.) If you do manage to snare a decent copywriter though, you’ll find them reasonably easy to tame and eager to do your bidding (just keep the caffeinated beverages and potato-based snacks flowing).

But once they’ve given your web content a good onceover, and perhaps created a blog for your site, what further use can they be? Here are three reasons to delay releasing your web copywriter back into the wild…

Press Releases

Though press releases are often thought of as more of an offline ‘real world’ activity they can, in fact, do a lot of good for your online presence. An SEO copywriter can craft an attention-grabbing and keyword-enriched press release that spreads across relevant websites like wildfire. The benefits of this are legion, and include increased exposure for your website, high-quality backlinks, and the chance of ranking in Google News and other news aggregators. If it’s interesting enough, your story might even catch the eye of the mainstream media.

Getting your Email marketing crafted by a web copywriter

When done well, email marketing can be a powerful and effective way of reaching your customers and enhancing your relationship with them. Email newsletters can be used to keep your customers informed of upcoming offers and product launches, or to solicit feedback on your services. When crafted by an expert web copywriter, personalised ‘follow-up’ emails can also provide a massive boost in up-selling and cross-selling.

Guest posts and article marketing

Online article marketing has got a bad reputation in recent years due to the proliferation of certain types of spammy, low-value, re-spun articles. But when original articles are carefully crafted for a specific audience and for single use on a specific external website, they can be highly effective. Entertaining and informative guest posts on respected blogs that are relevant to your own website and business can provide some great publicity for your site, and help to increase your credibility in the eyes of web users.

So if you are lucky enough to come across a copywriter in the wild, tempt them in with promises of Gold Blend coffee and Nacho Cheese Doritos, set them to work on your web content, email marketing and guest blogs, and then watch your PageRanking and your reputation climb.

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