In today’s multi-channel marketing world it may not always seem worth investing in ecommerce copywriting – after all, there are a myriad of places where your potential customers can come from. They might arrive on your site as a result of clicking on social media links, online advertisements, email campaigns and other sources, but is the value of each one of these the same?

According to a recent Ecommerce study by Custora the answer is no, and in fact the most valuable customers come from humble old organic search (ie the search results on Google, Bing and other search engines).

The study looked at ‘customer lifetime value’ (CLV) – a calculation of the profit the company is likely to gain from the customer over time, in this case over a two year period. What it found was that customers coming from organic search were 54% more valuable in terms of CLV than the average, compared to 37% for PPC advertising and just 12% for email. Customers arriving from Twitter were 23% less valuable than the average.

Improve your organic search results through Ecommerce copywriting

These figures make it clear that if long term profits and enduring customer relationships are your goal, you should focus on getting them through organic search. For this, Ecommerce copywriting is a powerful tool, and one which can pay for itself many times over.

Good Ecommerce copywriting works on both SEO and human levels. Having a large body of original content on your site, whether it’s product descriptions, standard web copy or blog posts, will improve your rankings in the search engines, and thus bring you those valuable customers from organic search. It will also give your website a unique and memorable identity which customers will respond to.

Of course not all content is created equal. The search engines look for high quality content which is relevant to their users, and for this purpose its worth hiring a professional ecommerce copywriter who can create a range of content on your behalf.


  • The benefit of unique texts for your ecommerce websites are undoubtful, totally agree with you here. The only thing is – the copyright must be really human text, easy understandable for buyer, as not only search engines, but your clients will read it.

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