This is the time of year when most of us are back in the office from holidays and focusing again on hitting our targets for the year. It’s actually a bit of a manic time of the year. One of those targets for your marketing is probably website related, and if you have been following either the SEO copywriter series, or the Website Copywriting Dissected series, then you are likely faced with some serious deadlines for your SEO web content.

Today, I am going to help you with those targets so that you can reach your targets easily, and without too much strain.

1. Set strategic goals that are reasonable

We are nearly halfway through the financial year here in the UK, and three quarters into the calendar year, so it’s time to reassess our goals.

Setting strategic content goals for your website will help you focus on what needs to be done to attract new visitors to your website and give you a direction for the kinds of SEO web content you’ll need to create over the coming months.

This will help you manage the workload, and keep focussed on what your direction is for each piece of SEO copywriting you create.

2. Make a calendar

Let’s face it, a list of ideas in your head isn’t going to get you anywhere. Take your strategic goals and set down milestones in your diary.

Figure out how many posts, emails or webpages per week you need to write and schedule the time in. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself rushing around trying to meet deadlines while other fires are burning. Copywriting needs time and space to make it effective.

3. Decide topics ahead of time, but…

Allow for new ideas and posts as ‘life happens.’ Writing to a schedule is great, except that it totally ignores the creative process, so if a topic lights your fire, write it!

Likewise, don’t ignore the power of the ‘now’ by writing only about what you decided ahead of time. There is a lot of pulling power with current events, and by addressing issues in the news as they arise you can generate a lot of traffic if your content is relevant.

4. Don’t do it all yourself

We all become ill, or need to take a day off here and there. You can become bogged down in other tasks that, at the time, will be more important.

There will be other times when you’ll find that your writing lacks energy or spontenaity. This are the signs that you need help.

Listen to them. Don’t try to do everything yourself. Even the top bloggers of this world get guest posts to help them keep up!

5. Hire a copywriting service to take care of it

This might sound self-serving, but consider the cost to you, time wise, that all this content production will take. What is your time worth to your business? Is it effective use of your time doing it all yourself? Or, would you be better off having someone else take care of the SEO web content for you at a fraction the time?

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