If you thought the secret of SEO copywriting success was simply a case of;

  • slipping a keyword or keyword phrase into your ‘7 SEO copywriting secrets guaranteed to make you a millionaire’ H1
  • jamming a few keywords into the beginning and end of your body text
  • keyword density
  • a couple of hundred scrapped and spun articles
  • bullet points

then you’d be right…if you don’t know what you’re talking about.

Of course, most of the above are important tactics. That’s all they are though. Focusing only on fixes reveals a lack on strategic understanding and the knowledge that the very simple key to SEO copywriting success, to SEO success in general, is, and always will be….. quality. That if you want to develop a sustainable and profitable online profile then you need to build it on content that isn’t just adequate. You need content that excels. Win your online wars with killer copy.

When SEO companies approach SEO and especially SEO copywriting as a challenge to outwit the search engines then you’re in trouble. The schoolboy gang mentality that treats Google as the enemy, that insists on sticking it to ‘the man’ by finding ways to circumvent spam traps and quality filters is at best short termist. At worst damaging.

Honestly. If you ever find your self surrounded by a certain breed of SEO pro at an SEO convention or meet-up you’ll struggle to avoid that nudge nudge wink wink, “I’d have to kill you if I told you” SEO stuff that can make dealing with the industry such an underwhelming experience. When secrecy is your most valuable asset I guess that’s what you ought to expect.

Don’t buy it. Don’t buy the concept that there’s a way of gaming the system that won’t damage your online profile and profits eventually. Don’t buy the idea that there’s a code you can break or spell that can be cast to instantly turn your site into a traffic magnet.

Instead of wasting your time plotting and scheming how best to bypass the relevance tests and to hoodwink the algorithms wouldn’t your efforts be better spent on developing world class content? Working with a copy partner who can help reveal your true identity, your unique personality, your differential? Developing copy content that not only impresses the search engines but entertains, amuses, informs and persuades your human visitors. Content that converts?

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