Google has long penalised sites who publish duplicate content, but as we pointed out in an earlier SEO copywriter post, it wasn’t until this year’s Panda update that the quality of articles became a new factor in online marketing.

As a copywriting service, we have always focussed on writing unique, high quality articles.

But we are not everyone…Some SEO tactics publish the same article on hundreds of sites across the web in the hopes of gaining more ‘backlinks’ to your website. Sadly, it took Google to clean up a lot of the article spam that was going on.

Doing this today would damage not only your credibility, it would also not benefit you in any way.

This is because these kinds of articles are usually pumped out quickly, aren’t written to benefit people, and are therefore of a low value (and quality) to the end reader. Google can now determine this value and either lower the rank of the article in its results, or simply ignore it altogether.

How to get your ideas out there without hurting your ranking

Article marketing isn’t dead. The old way of spamming the web with the same article is (thankfully) dead.

What is alive and well and rewarding for everyone is the creation of valuable, high quality articles that are unique and on appropriate sites.

When you take the time and effort to write (or hire a copywriter) an article for a relevant blog or other website in your niche, you are providing proof of your expertise to a potential audience of new customers. You are also making sure that you gain a backlink to your website that will actually help your SEO efforts.

Publishing a unique article to a single website that insists on original content is how you can make sure that you’re not going to be penalised by the Panda update.

Does this mean I can’t reuse ideas?

Absolutely not.

There are still many options available to you to take those great ideas you have put into an article and reuse them in creative ways that don’t hurt your ranking.

You could take your article and

  • Completely rewrite it from a different perspective into a blog post
  • Write the content into a slideshow and share it online
  • Create a short video talking about the concepts in your article
  • Find follow-up ideas that can carry the story on, either as articles on the site you originally published to, or as articles on other relevant sites
  • Create a white paper that expands on the ideas in your article

As you can see, there are many opportunities for article marketing to be of value, both to you and to your customers.

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