Big ideas in SEO copywriting - what if?Big ideas. SEO copywriting needs them. It’s the difference between the kind of content that gets slapped down in Google’s Penguin updates and truly authentic, meaningful expert content that is welcomed by people and search engine alike.

We copywriters strive for big ideas all the time, and sometimes see them in well known campaigns. Although it’s our job to find those authentic insights and angles to write about that attract attention and get our clients’ products noticed in search (and beyond), for many copywriters finding those big ‘aha’ moments can be elusive.

Today, we came across the new ‘Real Beauty’ campaign by beauty brand Dove. This is content marketing and ‘big ideas’ in real time, so we thought we’d look more closely at what is going here and how SEO copywriting can benefit.

Asking the big questions

The new campaign has kicked off with a film depicting how an FBI artist drew two sketches of women: one self-described, one from another person. The effect is dramatic, emotional and captivating because it speaks to an essential truth – our self-perception is skewed.

It’s an excellent piece of (content) marketing and it is genuine in execution; that sweet spot of authenticity we’re all aiming for in all our SEO copywriting.

How did the creative geniuses for Dove come up with this idea? And, what on earth does it have to do with SEO copywriting and content marketing?

I don’t know how they came up with the idea, but if it had been me, I would have begun by asking the big question…

What if?

What if we could show people how others see them? How would we do that?

Asking big questions leads to big ideas.

Big ideas lead to bigger content opportunities

You can bet there is a plethora of authentic content existing around the creation of that 4 minute film. First, there’s the footage that will lead to other shorter spots – 30 second TV adverts, 10 second bumper spots. YouTube versions, maybe even ‘behind the scenes’ features.

Then there are the insights, interviews with the women, the sketch artist, the creative director, the brand – all giving their authentic opinions and comments on the creation of the spot.

Blogs can be written about creating it. Articles generated. Press releases sent.

SEO copywriting? For sure! Think of all the opportunities to write about ‘real beauty’ and ‘how women see themselves’; ‘self esteem’ and ‘self perception’ – the possibilities are endless (glad I’m not the SEO putting together potential target key phrases).

Doing the hard work

The point I want to make here is that even though Dove has huge brand awareness and appeal, they are still doing the hard work creating original, engaging and appealing content that uncovers a truth that we can relate to, as people.

Sure, us smaller businesses might not be able to source an FBI sketch artist, but it doesn’t mean we can’t ask ourselves that big question – what if?

Selling insurance? What if you interviewed people who successfully replaced their possessions after a theft about the experience and what it was like working with you?

What if you spoke to the thief? What if you supported programmes that help convicted thieves adjust to life back in society and avoid re-offending?

What if you made these kinds of bigger emotional connections with your products or services in your SEO copywriting?

You aren’t Dove, but taking a bigger step just might surprise your customers (and yourself).

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