In putting together today’s post and looking back over the series, I have realised that the wire that powers all SEO copywriting is trust creation.

Trust is the goal. It’s the end-game. The end of the long road. SEO is not a short-term marketing activity, it is a trust-creation exercise.

The SEO trust factor

Backlinks that are earned are rewarded through qualified visitors to your site who are more likely to convert. They trust the link they clicked on because of the trust they have in the referring website.

Google’s Panda update backs this up by promoting websites that have earned trust through quality SEO copywriting, relevant links and ‘social signals.’ Search engines look at trust factors in order to determine your ranking in the listings.

Writing quality content that is useful to people – your customers – is the hallmark of today’s information economy, with social media sharing as a new SEO factor. Your business’ social success is only possible through trust.

Keywords, descriptions and ALTs

How you create trust online is through words and actions. Since we’re a SEO copywriting service, we’ll focus on the word part, but the follow-through is just as important in building trust.

When you use the keywords and language your audience uses, you are building trust.

Writing meta descriptions and title tags that actually explain what the visitor will find creates trust. Accurately describing in the ALT attribute what appears in an image contributes to trust as well.

How you structure your page of SEO copywriting, carefully focussing the needs of the audience, demonstrates value to the reader and builds trust.

Hyperlinks that tell people where they are going, descriptions for rich media, unique and useful articles, and blogging are all great ways to connect with your audience and build trust – to improve SEO.

Pagerank is trust

All these activities are the hallmarks of great web copywriting and it is possible to build trust through SEO copywriting without going crazy.

When you hear an SEO expert talk about pagerank, what they are really talking about is an empirical measure of trust. Pagerank is the value that the search engine puts on your site compared to others – of how well your site matches the search query, and how trusted your site is by previous visitors.

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  • I read this with interest because I was not always happy with the reasoning and explanations of the relvance of page rank.

    Many SEO bods discounted page rank as vanity yet when selling SEO services they often talk in terms of high PR site links and trusted sites.

    I think thiis article helps to explain the real value and purpose of page rank. Thanks.

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