In a word, yes.

But this SEO copywriter would like you to forget what you think you know about blogging for a minute. Consider instead what we have said about SEO copywriting in the past posts in this series.

Good copywriting is good SEO. Good copywriting is strategic and speaks the language of your target audience.

In this way, a blog is simply another part of a solid website content strategy, marketing strategy and SEO strategy. A blog is another way of communicating with your audience and the purpose it serves is different to other pages of your website.

Links to your site

The most obvious way that a blog can benefit SEO is in the links you can gain back to your website. By writing interesting, timely and insightful posts, your readers will start sharing your blog: bookmarking, sharing, Tweeting, recommending, or even posting about it on their own blogs.

These links to your site influence your ranking in the search engines both through links back to you, but also through the social signals that the big search engines like Google listen for – the sharing of links to your site.


The great copywriting on your website that includes your keywords and phrases is often quite static (sales pages, product pages, about us pages. You update those pages regularly, but for the most part they remain the same.

A blog is a very good way of generating more and more pages of content that include your keywords. Each post can be written to focus on a particular term or phrase, giving your site even more for the search engines to index and rank.

You might have 20 pages on your website today, but with regular blogging (let’s say a minimum of 1 post per week) you could have over 70 pages (each post is a page) by the end of the year!

In this way, you grow your website and help your SEO.

Sharing inspiration

How do you get others to share links to your blog? Well, there are whole resources out there geared toward explaining that (Problogger and Copyblogger to name just two).

Connecting with your customers and potential customers on an emotional level is part of good sales copywriting. But some sectors require a much longer purchase cycle than consumer products (such as B2B services) and having a blog is a great way to provide additional proof points that help sway the decision in your favour.

By sharing your expertise, knowledge and sources of inspiration for the product or service you offer, you are generating great shareable content for your site, and you are earning the respect and trust of your customers and industry.

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