It’s easy to get hung up on SEO.

Maybe too hung up. Hung like an information superhighwayman. Just the term SEO turn marketers giddy. Gets them all giggly and glowing. Drooling over top Google placements and all that lovely traffic. It’s easy to be seduced by the prospect of the silver SEO bullet.

What’s going on? How on earth has SEO scaled such heights? How has it conquered the hearts and minds of business leaders and cheque writers the world over? Why is SEO Johnny Depp, the Beatles, Mother Theresa and the Harlem Globetrotters morphed into one sugar coated thrill pill? The gorgeous button.  SEO, the answer to … well… life the universe and everything. The new 42.

In a way it’s hardly surprising. After all, there are rich pickings at the top end of Google. Loads of traffic and loads of opportunity to dominate your market. And it’s SEO that promises to take you there.

The problem for many people though is that SEO isn’t what they think it is. In fact many people don’t really know what SEO is at all. That’s partly because SEO is such an all embracing concept. It’s such a vast and varied universe that as a term it can be meaningless. So meaningless that it’s indispensable. The ultimate marketing handle. It’s everything and nothing. A gift that only adds to people’s perception of SEO as all a bit….hoodoo voodoo.

Times are changing. The smart money is now able to break down a website’s presence and performance and allows for clearer, longer term, more strategical thinking. Instead of being seduced by the prospect of short term tactical SEO wins SEO is now enjoying life as an integrated component of organisation’s online strategy.

The smart money knows too that SEO is systemic. That strong sustainable SEO is increasingly content driven.  That you can’t fake quality content. Visitors link to it, traffic flows to it and users recommend it. And in their efforts to deliver genuine relevance the engines are increasingly developing their algorithms to reward quality content with top placements.

It’s a big old business. Econsultancy report that 22% of companies in the UK will spend at least £50,000 this year with 60% planning to increase spending over the next 12 months.  We’re talking billions of pounds worth of business worldwide.

Will you be investing in quality content as part of your SEO?


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