Google has recently unveiled another new feature to search, and it’s something that business owners, marketers and online copywriters need to pay close attention to.

Back in 2012 Google unveiled its ‘Knowledge Graph’ – a step forwards in the way search engines interpret user queries and display results. Whereas traditionally search relies on matching strings of words in the query to strings of words in website content, the Knowledge Graph instead recognises distinct objects and is able to display relevant information straight away from the main search screen.

Then came the Google Knowledge Graph ‘Carousel’ – an image-based horizontal scroll bar which displays examples of the thing you’re searching for. This only currently works on selected queries, but if you type ‘Caribbean islands’ into Google you’ll see an example of this. The position of this carousel ABOVE the search results is of particular relevance as it has the potential to change the way that people interact with Google and find what they’re looking for.

All copywriters aboard the carousel

So anyway, what does this all mean for your business and its visibility in search?

Well, in a recent post on Google+, Google revealed that it’s introducing the carousel feature into local search, meaning that it will pop up when the user searches for local business like restaurants, bars and shops. At the moment this only applies to the US, but Google says that it will be rolling it out elsewhere over time.

The benefits of having your business listed near the front of carousel are fairly clear to see, but how do you get there? That much is uncertain, but it’s likely to take into account how much people are talking about your business online. And the best way of getting people talking is to use your copywriter to put out your own quality content which is worth sharing.

Having your copywriter create quality, shareable content is a sound strategy because it engages prospective customers and also enhances your relevance score on Google. The exact ranking factors for the carousel are unclear, but what is clear is that local search will never be the same again.

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