Getting ahead in the world of business and commerce today relies heavily on the ability of businesses to harness the power of the internet to their benefit. Just as in other areas of business, doing so requires talented people with very specific skillsets who know exactly how to get the best results. And recent statistics show that two of the most important people are the SEO copywriter and the social marketer (though it’s worth bearing in mind that this might in reality be a single person).

Vital marketing tools

In the new Cross-Channel Marketing Report 2013 by Econsultancy and Responsys, 187 respondents were asked ‘Which three marketing channels offer the greatest opportunities over the next year?’ The largest proportion (50%) highlighted social media marketing as the greatest opportunity, while search engine optimisation (SEO) came in a healthy fourth with 31% of respondents highlighting this.

SEO copywriters also have a valuable role to play in constructing and maintaining a company’s website, which came in third in the results, with 35%. This is in stark contrast to more traditional forms of marketing such as direct mail and print media, which were highlighted by just 8% and 6% of respondents respectively.

Further evidence of the growing importance of SEO copywriters and social marketers is provided by the UK Search Engine Marketing Benchmark Report, which was carried out by Econsultancy and Netbooster.

In this report respondents were asked ‘Do you expect your budgets to increase or decrease in the next 12 months?’ for paid search, SEO, social media marketing and display advertising. 51% of respondents said that their SEO budget would increase, while 44% said that it would stay the same. A similar situation appears to be the case for social media marketing, with 51% again saying that they expected their budget to increase and 45% foresaw it staying the same.

These statistics suggest that even in these financially trying times, many businesses see the value in investing further in SEO and social media marketing. And often the most cost-effective and low-risk way to do so is by outsourcing your needs to experienced professionals or agencies.

The role of the SEO copywriter

In an online world where content reigns supreme, the SEO copywriter is king. It’s their responsibility to create high quality content that is both search engine-friendly and which engages with human audiences. The end goal is of course to lift your web pages to the top of the search engine rankings. While in the past SEO content could be created by just about anyone and often amounted to little more than low quality text chock-full of keywords, today it is a highly skilled activity.

Modern search engines are getting ever more accomplished in their ability to spot content which is well written and genuinely useful to their users. For this reason, webmasters need to ensure that the content they create is of a high standard. But it’s also worth remembering that your SEO copy isn’t purely for the benefit of search engines; it should be designed to appeal to your human audience. A skilled SEO copywriter can tick both of these boxes for you.

What an SEO copywriter can do for you:

  • Create keyword-rich content that will improve your search rankings

  • Engage with your users

  • Constantly generate fresh content

  • Help you target specific web users

The role of the social media marketer

The modern internet is highly social, and it is becoming ever more so on a daily basis. Businesses are able to reach out and connect with their customers on a level that was previously unheard of. Content isn’t merely read, it’s also shared.

The role of the social media marketer is to create and manage a business’ social persona. They can help you shape your online reputation through a variety of blogs and social network posts, as well as interacting with your customer base by replying to messages and comments posted.

What a social media marketer can do for you:

  • Craft an online persona that reflects your business’ core values

  • Create interesting, entertaining and informative social posts and blogs

  • Respond to customer interactions positively and consistently

  • Generate interest in your business that spreads

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