An essential component of SEO and any successful internet profile is an ongoing and considered link building strategy. It’s pretty simple really – no inbound links means no decent search engine positioning.

As strong as your links’ appeal might be on paper, you simply won’t turn into a link magnet overnight.  SEO isn’t magic – inbound links won’t appear of their own accord until your site has evolved a reputation and a following. Until a critical mass takes hold – a critical mass that only you can nurture.

You may well have dynamite content and have on-page optimised your new site to within an inch of its user friendly and aesthetically stunning life, however, if you’re not actively out there contributing, helping out, sharing your value, winning friends and influencing people the future could be a pretty lonely place. Whilst the cool kids are partying with their SEO at the top end of Google you could find your self consigned to you virtual bedroom with nothing more to sustain you than well thumbed Stephanie Meyer paper backs and mad uncle Dave’s Mission albums. Out of sight, out of mind and quite possibly going out of your head with frustration.

It’s time to roll out the graft and the guile. Time to get out there and get stuck in.

Hand build your links over time – a little every day.  Small wins that all conspire to create a healthy, authoritative link neighbourhood. Pace yourself and understand clearly that this a  sustainable web profile is built over time.

Use Google to find ongoing link targets. Blog regularly and turn those blogs into press releases, articles, pod casts and videos even, then submit them web-wide. Share your best content with relevant blogs and commentators. Have an active social media profile. Reciprocate links, feeds your blogs through RSS directories. Guest post, answer questions on Social Mention.  Think and link local – universities, newspapers, council, business directories.

A link building silver bullet? It doesn’t exist. Link farms and agencies will try sell you short cuts –  don’t follow them. You’re as likely to meet the Google penalty wolf as you are to get to grannies cottage.

As Google says :”Not all links are equal”, so rather than wasting your time and energy sourcing links that hold little and will only leave you standing on the edge looking in build links that will add genuine value to your SEO and help your search positioning.

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