That’s right; it’s a Christmas themed SEO copywriting blog post. As November recedes into the distance, many people in the UK – even overworked SEO copywriters – are beginning the annual tradition of shopping for presents for their nearest, dearest, and people they feel they have to buy for, although they’d really rather not.

Last year, heavy snowfall and treacherous driving conditions prompted many more people to stay at home and shop online for presents, triggering a record monthly online spend of £6.8bn in December 2010.

This year may see even more people turning to the web for bargains, at a time when many are counting the pennies and searching for better deals online. So how can a copywriting agency help your business make the most of this year’s festive spending spree?

#1 Create festive content – Get your SEO copywriter to create some web content or blog pieces with a festive theme to them, centred around your products or services. Even if you don’t think that your products constitute traditional Christmas gift-giving fare, there is undoubtedly someone somewhere who thinks that they’ll be perfect for a hard-to-buy-for parent, grandparent or even spouse.

#2 Target relevant festive key phrases – Keywords are your key to cornering the festive online retail boom. There’s no harm having a few generic ‘Christmas gifts’ or ‘presents for girls’ key phrases, but you’re much better off drilling it down to specifics related to your site. For example, if your business creates engraved pewter tankards, you might try ‘personalised tankards for dad’ or ‘Christmas tankards.’

#3 Target local and national customers – Have your Christmas cake and eat it by targeting people who are searching for gifts in their local area, as well those who are just searching more generally. While some people may simply search for ‘Christmas present ideas’, others may narrow it down further to ‘Christmas present ideas in London’, or wherever they happen to live. By getting your SEO copywriter to create separate content for both sets of people you should be able to help improve your searc.

Is your business ready to make the most of online splurging this Christmas?

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