Yes, you read that right. After those long lost years most of us try to forget, after all that success with your business and being a grown up and all, we’re back at the school gate again and have to learn those dreaded rules of social hierarchy, etiquette and wordentity.

Much like high school in a classic teenager Hollywood movie, being new is tough. You could get a lucky strike, and are sure to stumble upon many faux pas and need to slowly figure out the cliques, groups, etiquettes and subcultures yourself. UNLESS, of course, you are taken under someone’s wing. Someone, who already knows all this and wants to help you out and will tell you the answer to all the newbie questions.

This is our role. We are the guide that shows you the ropes. We explain the rules – the different tables, the lingo and etiquette. While there is no guarantee ever to make someone “popular”, it’s easier when you know the rules and have a strategy. Sure, it’s not about “getting the girl”, but a return on investment is expected all the same, and the results are similar along the way, only the content and the words are different.

  • Who to be associated with (determine your target followers and clients)
  • How to talk (your wordentity!)
  • What to talk about (content)
  • Where to interact (in the cafeteria or on the football field? – platform)
  • Which teachers to watch out for (which topic specific news sources to follow)
  • Who to watch out for and emulate (the celebrities in your field)

The advantage of social media is that, unlike high school, it is a social platform for all ages (age being one of the pockets of division to bear in mind when choosing who to mingle with).

The difference is we’re adults, and the way we can use social media is a lot more sophisticated than the school playground. This is important because as much as we remember how important it was to get a return on your investment as a teenager (be popular or survive at least), we know it’s not as important as getting a return on your investment as a business. To do so, you need to be more systematic than you are as a teenager. This is where we come in – we are the Sociologist conducting research into the patterns of social behaviour and its hierarchies with tangible graphs and qualitative interpretation AS WELL AS the mentor with the inside scoop because we are part of it, too.

The good news is: this time round, it’s the nerds who win. It’s the passionate, overtweeting, slightly obsessed know-it-all that ‘gets’ the most out of social media. So you can relax for now. Chose the nerdiest member of your team, the one who can’t stop talking about work and what it is your company is into, the most enthusiastic, slightly annoying broken record. This is your man for the representation of your company. And if my description applies to you, be proud. You’ll do well.

Actual nerds of the many fields out there are, apart from celebrities, those with most following, and that is the one big difference between social media and high school. In social media being passionate is what makes you cool.

It’s like they say – be nice to nerds, they will be your bosses one day. Social media is proof that this saying still applies and always will!

By Lira L.

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