We have already explained some benefits of guest blogging, including how it gives you exposure and drives qualified traffic to your blog and website. We also discussed some of the downside in the same post.

But guest blogging is much bigger than traffic. It benefits your online business in ways that might be so immediately obvious.

Here then, is our list of 7 more ways that guest blogging could benefit your business and your online reputation

1. Networking

This is THE long-term benefit of guest blogging. You are building up professional relationships with the blogs you write for. Because you’re providing great content, this work in its turn will help you build a wider network of contacts, whether affiliated with the blogs you write for, or as readers of those blogs.

Of course, you could go to events and shake hands (and this might be good to do as well), but with guest blogging, you are networking from your desktop, saving travel time and costs.

2. Credibility

Read the home page of virtually every website out there and you’ll notice something. They are all ‘experts’ in their niche.

How does one verify if this is true or not? How can you judge these claims?

One way is through the endorsements of others in the industry or market. Which is why when your guest blog post gets on an important blog in your niche, you are building your credibility in the eyes of your prospects and the industry as a whole.

Double win.

3. Email list

As your most important online asset, your email list is the fruits of your marketing labour. As a direct consequence of your content marketing, you have built up a list of prospects and customers – people interested in what you have to offer.

At a certain point, however, every email list needs to grow beyond these bounds. Guest blogging is a great way to grow your list. When you post on another blog and readers like what you have to say, they will (yes, they will) check out your site and, again, if they like what they see, they may sign up to your email list to get further information from you.

If you offer a content incentive for signing up, they may be even more likely to join your growing list of fans.

4. New business

The holy grail of this guest blogging and content marketing is sales and new business. This is what pays the bills and with all that traffic and list building, credibility growing and networking, you are sure to gain new business from your efforts.

You may even find opportunities to grow your product offering by connecting with complementary businesses and products/services.

5. More guest blogging posts

Possibly this is counter-intuitive, but it happens. Once you are a success guest blogger on a known blog, you will find that it gets easier and easier to get posts on other blogs.

In fact, guest blogging can often snowball into getting requests for posts – which is a great place to be with your content marketing!

6. Better skills

As you mature with your content outreach, you’ll find it gets easier to manage and create this kind of content. The comments on your posts and the questions you answer will identify further areas to write about, leading to better and more effective content on your own blog.

7. Build a following

Without a doubt, social networking is here to stay. Growing your ‘tribe’ of followers, fans, friends and advocates is job one for marketers of all businesses.

Guest blogging opens up access to social networks that you may not be able to crack any other way. Your posts will be shared out to the blog’s own followers and fans, allowing you to link up with new readers and new opportunities.

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