You may think that the only reasons you’d need a food copywriter are to provide your website with some rudimentary content and to describe your menu. But your copywriter can do much more than this, and one of the most potent types of content creation you can enlist them for is the production of articles.

While these may not be specifically about your restaurant or other food-related business, informative and entertaining articles can bring many additional visitors to your website and enhance your online presence.

Google introduces in-depth articles to search

Now, Google has given you another reason for working with a professional food copywriter to create such articles. The search giant has recently revealed that it is to feature in-depth articles prominently in some of its search results. On the Google Webmaster Central Blog, Pandu Nayak explains that, “Users often turn to Google to answer a quick question, but research suggests that up to 10% of users’ daily information needs involve learning about a broad topic. That’s why today we’re introducing new search results to help users find in-depth articles.”

The new feature is currently available on in English, but it’s likely that it will cross the channel before long. The post goes on to point out technical mark-ups that webmasters can employ and stresses the need to, “create compelling in-depth content.

In addition to opening up a new avenue for users to discover your website, having a food copywriter create engaging articles can help to distinguish you as an authority, and thus improve trust in your business. They can also generate repeat visits which may eventually lead to conversions. So what types of articles could you create? Here are a few ideas:

  • Introductions to specific cooking methods
  • Guides to using different types of ingredients
  • A look at the culinary traditions of a particular nation

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