One of the most important steps to business success, both online and in the ‘real’ world, is to create a recognisable brand that distinguishes you from the competition and manages to wriggle its way into the consciousness of consumers.

As any marketer will tell you, to create a strong brand that people will remember requires consistency across all your marketing efforts. You must focus on a particular set of brand messages and characteristics, and then continuously reinforce these in every marketing space you own or rent. And that includes your website.

Whatever the size and scale of your business, one of the worst things you can do is to treat your website as a separate entity with no connection to your real world advertising. This often happens, particularly with fledgling businesses, or those that are entering the online world for the first time, but it’s usually unintentional.  Sometimes it can be the result of a lack of communication between yourself and your copywriter.

A talented web copywriter can work wonders with your website content, but they can only work with the information they’re given. You need to communicate to them what it is that’s so special about your brand and the image you want to convey, so that they can then tell web users what you’re all about.

Is your web copywriter on board with your brand?

f you hire an SEO copywriter or agency to boost your position in the search engine rankings, they should know what your core brand message is and that the SEO content they create fits in with your brand. After all, what good is high page rank when your content is off-message?

The same goes for all of your blogs, tweets and other social media. All of these online activities should, when looked at side by side, each form a part of a coherent whole that paints a complete picture of your brand. But every individual piece of your brand jigsaw should also be capable of standing alone and telling your potential customers something positive about your business and its products.

A skilled web copywriter can paint an accurate and eye-catching picture of your brand for all to see, but only if you have communicated it to them clearly. To do this you must of course know yourself what makes your brand special. If you don’t know this, then it may be time to take a step back for a moment, try to view your business from an outside perspective, and find out for yourself what it’s really all about.

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