For any fashion brand that wants to stand out from the crowds of copycat e-tailers around, it’s essential to create a strong brand tone of voice. This voice should be one which distinctively ‘sounds like’ your company – and you alone. It should also constantly reinforce your unique selling propositions in language that your core audience can relate to.

But a common pitfall for fashion brands online is that they fail to capitalise on this brand tone of voice sufficiently in all areas of their online marketing. They put all the hard work into creating and honing their brand voice on their actual website, but then pull back and miss the opportunity to further cement their brand image through all channels available to them.

For example, brands will pay close attention to their use of a strong and identifiable tone of voice in above-the-line ads and critical web copy like the home and about us page, but forget to extend that tone of voice to shorter content like PPC ads, product descriptions or social media posts.

Where should you be using your brand voice? Everywhere.

Make your brand tone of voice heard

As with real life speaking, your online voice is highly noticeable when you speak at length, for example in your web content, your blogs, and product descriptions. But it is no less noticeable when you speak for a very brief time, as is the case with those short-form pieces of content mentioned above – PPC ads and posts on Twitter and Facebook.

Just as everyone pays attention to a person who speaks briefly but convincingly and with confidence, web users pay attention to brands that communicate solidly and authentically in a small space amid the constant thrum and chatter of the internet.

It’s all about consistency. Talking in the same way, all the time, regardless of the platform or type of content you’re creating will mean your brand tone of voice will become recognisable and respected.

But how do you achieve that consistency when you might have different content creators, agencies partners, designers or other stakeholders each operating separately within the marketing mix?

Getting your key messages across in your short-form content

Conveying your brand tone of voice in a set number of characters is a far greater challenge than doing so in a 400-word webpage. The key thing here is to ensure that you communicate your core messages, your preferred brand style and tone of voice to your copywriters, whether they’re working in-house or are from an outside copywriting agency.

Creating a tone of voice and brand tone of voice document is the best solution for this, and once created you can easily distribute it to all of your content creators.

By issuing concrete details of things like word choice and stylistic issues, along with actual examples, you should be able to replicate your brand voice consistently across all forms of content, long or short.

The importance of brand tone of voice in PPC ads and social posts

One could argue that it’s even more important to talk in a distinctive brand voice in short-form content. Once people are on your website, you’ve already got their attention to some extent. Out there in the PPC ads such as Google Adwords though, you’re just one small voice alongside not only organic search results but rival paid results too.

If people spot a voice they recognise amongst the chaotic clamour, they’re more likely to pay attention to you, and once you’ve got their attention, they’re more likely to click through to your site.

Similarly, on social media networks, your posts are just one voice amongst many. It is, therefore, important that you communicate compellingly and consistently at all times. By crafting such a voice, you may find that people actually look forward to your updates, and that can only be good news.

If you can maintain a steady brand tone of voice across all channels, in long and short-form, you will strengthen your overall online presence, resulting in greater reach and more conversions.

Further tips for fashion brands

There’s no doubt that to be heard as a fashion brand is tough – but with a simple strategy that’s continually refined and tested it’s certainly possible to attract new customers.  This article has a few tips to get you started.

Remember, once you’ve got consistency with your brand tone of voice, don’t let it slip for the sake of convenience or short term gain.  When it comes to fashion, the trust you will gain from having a clear and recognisable brand tone of voice is invaluable.

If you’d like any advice about your web content and brand tone of voice, get in touch with us at Big Star Copywriting.

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