Just the other day, we realised that it was strange that after more than seven years writing legal content as a legal copywriter for dozens of legal firms, we’ve not really blogged about it before.

Perhaps it’s because when we say we offer legal copywriter services, people (not in the legal industry) think we mean copyright (as in patents and trademarks). Which is interesting, but not our thing.


We’re talking about something deeply important to legal firms – something that keeps partners up at night (literally in many cases).

The future of firms rests online

Not to tell you to suck eggs, but …If you do anything in the legal industry, you probably realise by now that your future success means embracing the changes in online marketing and social media.

That means you need lots and lots of content for your website.

But if you’re like most legal firms, you face *tremendous* challenges in actually making this happen.

No time to write!

Yep. You’re not alone. This is *the* biggest challenge facing legal firms when it comes to getting going with online marketing. There is usually no resource in-house to take on the daily task of writing legal articles, blog posts, tweets, emails and press releases.

The solicitors are busy earning fees and support staff are, well, supporting them!

Yet, there are legal firms making huge successes with online marketing and they are doing so by using a specialised service – a legal copywriter.

How can a copywriter help a legal firm?

We’re a professional service – like you – that serves the needs of our clients. Of course, outsourcing marketing eliminates the whole ‘time’ issue, but with the legal side of things, there are a few other pluses to consider:

  • Experienced copywriters produce content that is accurate, factually correct and authoritative – this is our role and has been for 7 years now; we take the legal information and insights that you provide or that we research, and we turn it into content that attracts and converts prospects into clients.
  • Copywriters are best suited to explaining complex issues to your clients – you’re the legal expert, not us. Yet it is precisely this distance from the legal details that makes a legal copywriter ideally placed to ‘translate’ the often complex legal information into useful, readable content that both potential and existing clients can relate to.
  • Marketing isn’t covered in law school – we are trained in marketing and sales techniques, and the style of writing we produce is different to legal and academic writing. An experienced legal copywriter knows how to create online content that attracts readers and then persuades them to make that all important first appointment.

What do we write?

Legal blogs, legal articles, social media updates (such as Twitter and Facebook), legal FAQs, press releases – any and all of the online marketing tactics are just as relevant to the legal industry as they are in any other sector.

It’s our job as copywriters to keep up with all the latest technology and trends in online marketing. We know about SEO and changes to the search engines that affect your website and marketing. We understand which keywords will bring you the best results and why. We help firms understand what kind of subject matter to blog about and how to make press releases on the latest developments in the firm interesting to the media.

Does that help clear the matter a little? What about your firm; are you using a legal copywriter? Is it working for you? Let us know below.

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