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In the last post about copywriting FAQs, we discussed questions. I wrote about how top sales people instinctively answer unspoken questions for their prospects.

Copywriting great answers to FAQs begins with these questions, but also gives the reassurance, solid solutions, and the ability to take action.

To me, that last function of great answers – to give the reader the ability to take action – is what takes FAQs from ‘okay’ to great. Here’s why.

Empowering people creates trust

Great copywriting creates trust because you give power to your reader. It’s one thing to answer a question. It’s another to answer it and provide the ability to resolve the issue right there in the answer.

With a hyperlink in the copy, you can literally empower action through your words and encourage the reader to solve their question with a click.

Anatomy of a powerful FAQ

I’m using this example of a legal website because it’s both a service, and a product – wills.

What if I need to change my will?
It’s easy to change your will, and you should change it as events in your life change. If you store your will with us or use our Easy Change Wills, we won’t even charge you for most types of changes. Here’s how our Easy Change Wills work: simply contact us by phone on 01234 567 890 and we’ll make the necessary changes in your will. We will send a copy to you by post to initial and sign. Pop it back in the postage paid return envelope, drop it in the post, and you’re done.

Let’s break it down:

The question is relevant to the customer, and addresses a potential barrier to purchase. They want to know it’s going to be easy to change things, and that it won’t cost them a bundle either.

In the answer, we make sure to answer the unspoken question (needs) of the reader: show how easy it is; how much it costs; how it works. This isn’t the place to leave anything to the imagination.

We also provide a link to the product in question, and a link to begin the process by contacting the legal advisor.

The goal is to use the power of the hyperlink to give an actionable outcome for the reader – to empower them to do something about their situation. This creates trust, and demonstrates that you have the reader’s needs in mind.

Great FAQs from a copywriting service, or done well on your own, can support your sales pages, and create a powerful bond with your reader.

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