I’ll spell it out right from the beginning. Engaging a copywriter or copywriting agency is right any time you want to connect with your customers.

But…there is one opportunity that is often missed and it’s this one…

Call your copywriter as soon as you decide to redesign your website

Most website redesign projects go something like this:

Step 1: Get fed up with your current website, or hear from customers that they think your site is outdated.

Step 2: Talk to some people you know about getting a designer to ‘clean it up’ a little.

Step 3: Meet some agencies and design shops and dislike most of what you see and hear.

Step 4: Get into an endless cycle of approving different looks for pages.

Step 5: Oh crap! We need content!

Step 6: Panic. Copy old documents and web pages into a Word document to send the designers. Repeat Step 5 until pre-conceived ‘go live’ date is overrun by months.

You see?

Completely missed the chance to get a copywriter involved early on to actually make all those pages engage and enthral your audience.

If only the process was a little different, oh how the internets would be happy.

Planning in copywriting

Although we, as copywriters, are happy to jump in at the last minute to write some new copy that will match the new look of the site, we are actually much better utilised when we are able to join in the process right from the beginning.


Because when your content is planned and written throughout the project, your content will be more engaging, better serve your business objectives and it will actually help your designers in their task of creating the look of many of the ‘meatier’ pages of your website.

Plenty of copywriters I speak to simply salivate at the chance to get involved in website redesign projects from the beginning. It makes their work easier and better and they will be much happier copywriters when you involve them in this way. Trust me.

It’s all a bit like moving house.

You go through the excitement, the packing of boxes, the inevitable realisation that you have WAY too much stuff and the ensuing cull.

Content often needs culling. And you can only really do this when you plan to do it from the beginning because if you get to the panic stage (see step 6 above), you’ll either ‘move’ all your content to the new site, cobwebs and all. Or, you’ll cull too much and leave your content sterile and devoid of engagement.

Make yourself a little promise

The next time you think about redesigning your website, remember me and this blog. Not because I want your business (I do, though) but because I want you to promise that you’ll get your copywriter, whomsoever they are, involved right from the beginning of your project.

Everyone will thank you. Especially your customers.

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