Are you hesitating to invest energy and money into content marketing? Well, consider this: no one ever won a game of Monopoly by cautiously navigating around the board without buying Pall Mall, Park Lane, or a station or two. As a business owner, you may be playing a delicate financial balancing game. But if you want to drive sales (and have a chance of winning against your competitors), you need to invest in marketing – and that includes content marketing.

Standing out amongst your competition is harder than ever in today’s online marketplace. And that’s where content marketing really makes a difference: getting your business seen and then helping your audience on their journey along the sales funnel. It is also one of the key marketing tactics that can deliver an impressive ROI. Some analysts go as far as to say content marketing can return three times better results in terms of traffic and lead generation when compared to traditional advertising. “It must cost more then,” you say. Well no actually, it costs an average 62% less than advertising.

For most of us, that figure alone will be enough to kick-start a focus on content marketing. But if you need more evidence, here are our top 30 reasons why you need to invest in content marketing in 2019.

    1. Content marketing offers an impressive ROI

Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional advertising but can deliver three times more leads or traffic. We’ve already mentioned this statistic but it’s a biggie, so it deserves the to feature in this list. With that potential level of ROI, you can’t afford to ignore content marketing.

    1. You could grow your traffic 272% in a month without ‘spending’ anything

If no one knows about your product or service, they can’t buy it. But content, whether it is a blog, tweet, newsletter or something else, gets your brand and brand message out there. Robbie Richards explains how he grew his traffic by 272% without spending anything other than his time.

    1. Content marketing is crucial for a successful sales funnel at every stage

You’d be right in thinking that content marketing will help to get your customers to the top of your funnel. But it can do so much more and help your customers to make their journey right through each step to a sale and beyond:

    • Awareness
    • Evaluation
    • Purchase
    • Delight
    1. It aids the customer journey by moving them from one stage of awareness to another

Content is a powerful tool at every step of the customer journey, and your content marketing strategy needs to reflect that. Sharing information or research can help to position you as an authority on a subject, meeting your potential customer’s thirst for knowledge. A special offer or deal can help persuade them to click to buy.

    1. Content marketing improves your brand’s visibility online

We all want to rank as high as possible on search pages. Hubspot points out that brands with a blog have 434% more pages indexed by search engines than those that don’t. And that translates into 434% more opportunities to rank on page one in the organic search results.

    1. You can position yourself as an expert in your industry

Done right, content marketing will show your customers that you understand their specific needs. It’s a double whammy – you’ll show them you have solutions to their problems and reinforce your product or service as the best option to help them. And that means more sales.

    1. It could even help you get to rank number 1 on online searches

If your content is crafted in a way that satisfies searcher intent (so it answers the question they initially asked), you’ll grow your domain authority. And that will bump you up the rankings. Ranking on the first page (or number one if you can) further strengthens the trust relationship between your audience and your brand. And that brings us back to our recurring theme – more sales.

    1. Content marketing gives something to your audience

In a world where we’re always being asked for something (mostly our cash), content marketing makes a refreshing change. You’re not asking for anything but just the opposite – you’re giving consumers something (information) for nothing. And that leads to number 9) – it builds customer loyalty.

    1. It builds customer loyalty

61% of consumers are influenced by custom content (which aims to nurture your existing customer relationships according to Dragon Search Marketing.

It’s one thing to win new customers. But it’s even better if you can retain the ones you have already. Brand loyalty is something all businesses want, and it’s something content marketing can help you to achieve. A good content strategy does this by engaging with your customers, so they want to engage back. It may be funny, informative, or rewarding (giving discounts or invites to exclusive events). But it will always be building emotional contact between your brand and your customer.

    1. Your customers want it

Buzzsumo suggests that we consume an average of 11.4 pieces of content before we make a purchase. More and more of us check reviews before we purchase or look for additional information to help us make a decision. If you’re not producing content, you’re not going to be keeping your customers happy.

    1. Customer expectations have changed

The explosion of content marketing is in response to the change in the way we make a purchase. 51% of us in the UK prefer to shop online than in a physical store. And the trend is increasing.

You may already have an online presence, but that is no longer enough. If your customer wants to find out more about your business but can’t find it, or you don’t have a social media presence, you’ll be at a considerable disadvantage compared to your competitors who do have a strong content marketing strategy.

    1. Other people will help get your message out there

One of the great things about content marketing is that it can have a snowball effect – so you get exposure without doing (or spending) anything. For example, if you produce evergreen content that is worth sharing, you’ll find that other people will help you to get your message to a wider audience by sharing it on social media.

    1. Content can be reshared or repackaged to maximise ROI

60% of marketers reuse content 2-5 times. So for an initial investment of time or money in creating original content, you can extend the lifespan to get more bang for your buck.

    1. Content marketing continues to deliver over a long period

Unlike an advertising campaign, content marketing is in it for the long-haul. As a case in point, here at Big Star Copywriting we still get traffic from an article on our top 10 tips to become a successful copywriter published in The Guardian in 2013.

    1. It’s not an ad, so your message won’t be blocked

Many of your potential customers will have ad blockers enabled, as they take a positive decision to reject advertising. With content marketing, you can still reach these consumers.

    1. 74% of companies say content marketing is enhancing the quality of leads

Research from Curata shows nearly ¾ of businesses believe their content marketing is improving the quality as well as the number of leads. And we all know that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

    1. Content marketing gets potential customers to your website and keeps them there

A carefully considered content strategy will get new customers to your site. And crucially it will keep them there too as long as the information you’re providing meets their needs. The key here is always to remember that you’ll need to invest in developing relevant content that will keep your target audience on your site, not send them clicking back to one of your competitors.

    1. It’s easy to target a new audience

With a content strategy, you can easily focus your efforts to reach a new target market. All you need is to invest in creating content that is tailored to answer core questions, needs or concerns.

By investing in creating something genuinely useful, you’ll gain trust and followers.

  1. Content can promotes your product or service without seeming too salesy
  2. No one wants to be sold to. And that’s the joy of content marketing. You can get your sales message across while sharing helpful information. And your target audience will respond positively to that.

  1. 86% of women use social media for purchasing advice
  2. If you want to target a new audience fast, you can use social media influencers as part of your content strategy. We’re not talking about the +1million follower influencers here, who charge a fortune for a mention. Instead, micro-influencers, often with just a couple of thousand engaged followers, can be a real game-changer. That’s because 40% of consumers have purchased something after seeing it on social media like Twitter or Instagram.

    Like the rest of your content strategy, you can’t expect instant overnight results. But a carefully thought out plan, with carefully thought out influencers (engaged followers are the key here), can be the quickest way for you to develop brand awareness.

  1. Content marketing is effective at brand storytelling
  2. To create an emotional interaction, you want to tell your brand story. Content marketing effectively gives consumers more information about what makes your brand special /better/ useful.

  1. It’s far more than just blogging
  2. Content marketing is not just about blogging. B2B marketers use an average of 13 content marketing tactics according to Top Rank Blog

    For example, you can create blog posts, videos, infographics, lists, how-tos, reviews, whitepapers, webinars etc. And don’t forget speaking opportunities. Videos and visuals can be expensive, but don’t worry if your budget doesn’t stretch to this. 58%of marketers said, “original written content” is the most important type of content. If your budget doesn’t extend to videos, start with quality written content – you can always evolve to increase the diversity. But most important is consistency – always post regularly.

  1. Your competitors are doing it
  2. You’ve got to be in it to win it. 91% of B2B marketers use content marketing, and 86% of B2C marketers do. If you’re not, your potential customers will just be forming a long queue to visit your competitors.

  1. Content marketing helps you learn more about your customers
  2. Boosting your engagement rates, identifying which blog posts get the most views, and getting comments, will give you valuable insight into who your customers are and what they want. You can use this to respond to their needs even more.

  1. The majority of other brands are actively sharing content
  2. 60% of marketers produce at least one piece of content a day. If you’re not doing the same, you can get left behind in the race.

  1. Your competitors are increasing their content marketing
  2. There are 2 million new blog posts published every day, according to Mashable. And 81% of marketers plan to increasetheir use of original written content Google penalises duplicate content. Your competitors are planning to get ahead – so you should too

  1. It will probably cost less than you think
  2. If you or your team don’t have the time to invest in content marketing, you can outsource. Using a specialist content marketing agency, like Big Star Copywriting, will probably cost less than you think. And content experts can achieve much more in a limited time scale than you might be able to.

  1. You can prove your content marketing ROI
  2. If investing in content marketing is a tough-sell, give the budget holders proof it works. Here’s our handy guide on Content Marketing Analytics – What You Need To Be Measuring.

    Simple analytics are available with a range of content marketing tools (like Buffer and Sniply) as well as from Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can use these tools to identify if what you are doing is working. These give you data on things like clicks and interaction to support your case on how your content marketing is supporting your business’ objectives.

  1. Content doesn’t all have to be original
  2. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the thought of all the content you need to create, stop. You can save money by repurposing your content and also invest a little time for a significant return on content curation.

    With content curation as part of your content strategy, you can make the best use of other people’s content by sharing it. It helps to reinforce your position as an expert in the field, and it builds on your efforts to be genuinely helpful to your potential customers. Read our top tips on how to curate content like a pro here.

  1. You don’t have to have a big marketing team to do content marketing effectively
  2. Larger businesses will often have different roles within the marketing team to focus on content marketing and content creation. But that’s not your only option. Using a specialist content marketing agency, like Big Star Copywriting, can be cost-effective for businesses of all sizes. For more information, get in touch.

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