In the last post on copywriting About Us pages, I introduced why you might want to have a team page. Today, I’m going to go into more of the reasons for having a Team page, and talk about what you might include in the copywriting.

So, why have a team page in the first place?

Perhaps most important thing to understand is that the difference between About Us and the Team is in the focus. About Us is about the business, and the Team is about some (or all) of the people. A Team page is great for recruitment as well as for selling your expertise.

There is another reason: people tend to do business with people they know and like. What better way to sell your business than to let your potential customers get to know your team as part of the decision process?

Who should you feature?

This is another of those ‘it depends’ kinds of copywriting questions. But, it really does depend on the size of your business, and (perhaps more importantly) who your target customers are most likely to have contact with.

Whomever you choose to introduce your audience to, it’s important to get their personality across in the copy. This is where copywriting services can help, because it’s not an easy thing to portray (or express) a personality in a small space.

Anatomy of a team page

The style you choose for your team page will depend on the reasons your audience wants this information. If you have experts in very specific areas, say legal experts in personal injury and family law, then you would want to allow those experts to be contacted directly because the sale of the service is tied to their expertise. You may simply want want to show your talent and allow them space to be themselves, but not contactable directly.

Here are some of the most common elements:

  • Photos: I realise this isn’t copywriting, but it’s so important to see who the person is
  • Names and positions: this helps your prospects understand who might be doing what on their project or who built the product
  • Email or phone contact: this is optional, but always a good idea
  • A short written piece about the person in their own voice
  • Question/answer style: this is an option or addition to the short written piece; a great way to get more personality out of your team and onto the page

Play around with different ideas like video, other photos of the team working together, and invite more playful or personal ways of communicating your people-power.

Coming next in the series: Team pages Part 2 – Make contact

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