When I started my career as a copywriter, I received all sorts of advice from all sorts of people. It was the beginning of a long road of receiving advice, feedback and criticism. In fact, I would go so far as to say that my writing has received more changes than it has accolades.

That is the our life: we must write to satisfy our audience, our clients, our selves. To be a good copywriter, you must be good at taking all the advice in and weaving it all back out again as a coherent bit of writing.

My first writing coach gave me the greatest advice of all. He said:

“As a copywriter, you will know you’ve written something special when nobody notices; when no one says a word.”

To me, that statement represents everything amazing about being a writer and about great copy in general. It tells a greater story than the words he used.

He didn’t say that I’d constantly receive feedback, amends and criticism of my work. He didn’t say that most of what went out to the public would be the result of my initial inspiration and the words of a team of others. He didn’t need to.

Instead, he focussed on the positive, that in those very special moments, I would know that I received the greatest praise any copywriter can hope for: silence.

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